My Reading History

Timeline created by daisy653
  • First Time Readiing

    First Time Readiing
    Right before going into Kindergarten my mother had already taught me how to read in Spanish.
  • Buddy Reading

    Buddy Reading
    My first grade teacher decided to give us assigned reading partners. I was able to help other students in the class who had more trouble
  • Scholastic Book Fair

    Scholastic Book Fair
    First time I bought books from one of the scholastic book fair
  • AR Reading

    AR Reading
    Took the most Accelerated Reader tests in my class and won small prizes and certificates
  • Olive's Ocean

    Olive's Ocean
    This coming of age book was given to me by my 5th grade teacher. It helped me see things through another's perspective. and put myself in the writer's shoes.
  • First Time Going to a Public Library

    First Time Going to a Public Library
    My brother took me to Sunrise library where I learned about an entire new world of resources
  • 7th Grade Reading Project

    7th Grade Reading Project
    In groups of 4, we were able to design/create board games (like Monopoly) with themes from one of the several chapter books we had read as a class. Then, we got the chance to go around the room and try them out.
  • Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice and Men
    First book to make me cry. I had read it when I was younger but did not understand what had happened until the second time around.
  • Volunteering at Library

    Volunteering at Library
    I was able to read to elementary level students (reading buddies) and help improve their vocabulary
  • Great Gatsby Project for English Class

    Great Gatsby Project for English Class
    My favorite group project of all time. Me designed a dinner party with full on decor, costumes, and food. We presented to students from other classes. We also watched the movie in class.