My odyssey of Technology use

  • Windows 2000 Operating System

    Windows 2000 Operating System
    Windows 2000 was in my opinion the easiest operating system to use, it was injected into a society that had never used computers on a massive scale. This operating system paired with a new ease of the internet. connected millions and harbored information no other generation has ever had! The best operating system in my opinion is Windows created by the legendary Bill Gate
  • LimeWire

    Where are you supposed to get free movies, music and games? Well, you weren't supposed to get them for free! LimeWire allowed everyone to get in touch with their inner bad boy (or bad girl) side! Created by Mark Gorton peer-to-peer file sharing was easier than ever! Please use responsively!
  • Release of Steam

    Release of Steam
    Steam was born from Valve gaming studios, It revolutionized computer gaming! All your games were housed in a single account, never would you have to search for a disk again to play a game. My Steam account is 19 years and 3 months old and contains $1500 of Video Games! For prospective, Steam is only 20 years old!
  • MySpace!

    Prior to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. MySpace was the place to connect with long distance loved ones or friends before cringy posts about your life or raising political eyebrows. MySpace was the original social media that started it all. Co-founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson who would of thought of the impact they would have on people's lives! Who could forget the icon photo of Tom, your first MySpace friend!
  • The Creation of YouTube

    The Creation of YouTube
    YouTube, what can I say. From the captivating cat videos to the How Tos on auto mechanics. YouTube truly is the information equalizer! There is always someone on there trying to teach people something. It is exactly how the internet was planned to spread knowledge amongst all who can access it! Special thanks to the founders: Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen!