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My Literacy History

  • Learning the alphabet

    Learning the alphabet
    I remember sitting on the couch with one of my siblings practicing the alphabet.
  • Start of Kindergarden

    I started kindergarden. At this point I was required to know all the letters and their sounds.
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    Grade School reading

    My grade school participated in a reading program. Students who wanted to particpate kept track of the books they read over a specific time period. Once a student had reached a certain number of books the student recived a coupon for free pizza from pizza hut.
  • Practicing writing

    I had poor handwriting in kindergarden so I had to practice writing as homework. I remember sitting at the table writing particular words over and over again.
  • 1st grade book program

    1st grade book program
    I remember sitting beside my bed with my best friend reading a big pile of books. We were both trying to earn more pizza coupons.
  • Birthday books

    Birthday books
    My principal gave books to students on their birthday (or half birthday). In fourth grade I picked out the book "The Bad Begining." This is the first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. I read almost every book in the series.
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    Junior High

    My only memory of reading in junior high was in 6th grade. We were required to take a reading class. The class focused on different aspects of stories. Every couple of weeks we had to read a different genre and write a report on it. My teacher also did a read aloud with, "The Other Side of Paradise."
  • Library

    My freshman year of high school I refound the public library. Through out high school I went to the library every couple of weeks to rent new books to read.
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    High School Reading

    When I think about reading in high school, I usually think of my junior year. I read a lot of books in my combined history and English class. Some examples are "Catch 22," "The Catcher in the Rye," and Howard Zinn's "A People's History."
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    Senior English

    I had a wonderful English teacher the first semester of my senior year. This is the first year that I truely started to believe in my own ability to write.
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    Through out sophmore year I read the novel, "Cleopatra." There were large time periods where I didn't read but I kept going back to it.