my life

  • prenatal development

    Melissa Anne Buck was born at 12noon weighing 8pounds 6oz. There were no birth problems.
  • first two years

    cognitive: Melissa said her first word around 1.5years. Her first word was mama and dada. After that the first were flying. Each week it seemed as if she was saying something new.
    Psychosocial: Melissa was a very easy child to take care of. Her temperament was mild. She attended a home based child care since she was one, and over all was a child easy to drop.
    Biosocial: Melissa's body chaged so much over the two years. She gained around 15 pounds Her over all health was not so good .
  • Period: to

    play years

    Psychosocial: Melissa enjoyed going to preschool. where she enjoyed interacting in pretend play. She was also enrolled in dance classes.
    biosocial:For Melissa'a age she was considered over weight, but doctors were not concerned about it since parents were trying to keep her active. She also developed a strong creative side to her
    cognitive:Melissa's language skills were very high for her age. using words other children her age normally would not know of.
  • school years

    biosocial:Melissa was enrolled in girl scouts in her school years, but obseity was still a part of her life. Adhd was also diagnosed in the second grade.
    cognitive:Melissa had a hard time reading. Parented placed her in extra classes to help build up her reading skills.
    psychosocial: low self- esteem due to weight problems, and children making fun of her. this resulted in low number of friends in school.
  • adolesence

    psychosocial: At the start of middle school Melissa did not have many friends. She started a new middle school with little friends. She was quite and kept to her self.
    biosocial: Melissa was very quite throughout school. There was a point when her shyness was not as bad, but later on went back to being shy.
    Cognitive: Through out melissa's middle school and high school years she had a hard time making the right decisions. In high school it became worse. Hanging out with the wrong friends.
  • young adulthood

    cognitive: Melissa had a rough time in her adolesence years making the right choices and friends. Melissa is now hanging around a better crowd of people, and enrolled in college.
    Biosocial: Melissa still suffers from being shy, but has a rough time being around people she does not know. A sign of social anxiety may be present.
    Psychosocial: suffering from social anxiety, but Melissa is getting help so the problem does not progess any farther.
  • adulthood

    cognitive: Melissa has a good head on her shoulders. She is currently finishing up her masters degreee in SLP and will soon be persuing a career in that field. WAY TO GO!
    biosocial" After going through therapy for Melissa's social anxiety she has found that by using self help such as meditation she can get over her social anxiety. Also putting herself in situations where she has to talk has helped the problem.
    psychosocial: Melissa is now working for a company where she presents,works w/families
  • adulthood

    bisocial:Melissa suffers from slight depression. working full time and being a full time mother of 3 seems to be tough on her
    Cognitive: From being pulled in so many directions at work, home, and husband. Melissa seems emotionally drained. therapy may be a good idea.
    Psychosocial; Melissa has a great relationship with employes, and is now in the processing of owning her own clinic.
  • death

    today Melissa was pronounced dead. The disease over took her body and mind. Melissa's life was spent well, and she was sad to leave everyone, but the pain she was in was not tolerable.
  • senior

    Biosocial: Melissa likes to keep to her self as she ages. A night out such as dinner or going to the store rarely happens.
    Psychosocial: Melissa is taking depression medication since 2029 ever since her husband passed away
    cognitive: A hard time comprehending what others are saying is difficult for melissa.
  • End of the road

    Biosocial: Melissa is diagnosed with a rare immune disease, and it only expected to live five to six months. speding time with children is what goes on monstly, and hospitals
    Cognitive: Melissa has a hard time remembering, understanding and talking to others. Most days the bed is the only place she stays
    Psychosocial: Depression, anxiety are over taking melissa.