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  • 1497

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
    In 1497, he sailed west from bristol hoping to find a route to Asia, to find gold and other luxuries stuff. But after a month he discovered Newfoundland in Canada and claimed it for England
  • 1534

    Jacques Cartier

    Jacques Cartier
    In 1534, Jacques Cartier began to explore the territory that would later know as the new France. It wasn't easy for the french settler to settle there but between the 16th and 18th centuries, they manage to hold the land. The land became home to the trader and the indigenous who were living there for many years.
  • Samuel Champlain and Quebec

    Samuel Champlain and Quebec
    Samuel Champlain attempted settlement in New France when he turned his attention from Acadia to the valley of st. Lawerence in 1608. the attempt was successful and was still growing in the fur trade
  • Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve

    Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve
    Hew was the founder of Montreal. he arrived in 1641 and he brought around 300 conolnist with him and settled on the island of Montreal. but later attacked by Indians and was hardly defended
  • The battel of plains of Abraham

    The battel of plains of Abraham
    This battle happened during the seven-year war between the British and french. But the french was not prepared for the war and the British ended up defeating the French, most of the french surrendered all of its colonial in north America
  • united empire loyalist

    united empire loyalist
    After the end of the American revolution war 1783, thousands of united Empire loyalists settled in colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec. this boosted the population, let to the creation of upper Canada
  • Black Refuge

    Black Refuge
    this was the third wave of black immigrants that happened during the war in 1812. Black refugees were black people who escaped during the war and settled in nova scotia, New Berwick and Trinidad because they chose freedom over slavery
  • Great migration to Canada

    Great migration to Canada
    The great migration also is known as the second wave of immigrants to Canada. Around 800000 immigrants came to Canada from Europe between 1815-1850. there were Irish, Scots and British hoping for a better life in Canada because they all were suffering from poverty in their homeland
  • Chinese head tax

    Chinese head tax
    The Chinese head tax was a fee to pay by only Chinese people who wanted to come into Canada. the Canadian government set to fee to stop Chinese immigrants from entering Canada after the Canadian specific railroad was built. The fee was really high and was equal to the price of 2 houses back then.
  • under ground railroad

    under ground railroad
    Around 30000 black immigrants secretly came to Canada between 1840 - 1860 feeling from slavery. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States during the early to mid-19th century, and used by enslaved African-Americans to escape into free states and Canada.
  • Building of cpr ( gold mountain)

    Building of cpr ( gold mountain)
    In 1858 Chines immigrants began arriving from san Francisco as gold prospectors in the Fraser River valley and became the first Chinese community in Canada. by 1860 the Chinese population of Vancouver Island and bc was estimated at about 7000. The first Chinese migrants were young peasants from South China who laboured under appalling conditions to build the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), they were brought in from China to help build the railway.
  • Russian immigrants

    Russian immigrants
    In 1899, a mass of 7500 Doukhobors immigrated to Canada, and mainly near what would be now known as Ontario. However, they'd also settled in other areas such as Montreal, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Vancouver.
  • Sikh Immigrants

    Sikh Immigrants
    The first Sikhs came to Canada at the turn of the 20th century. Some visited Canada as part of the Hong Kong military contingent route to Queen Victoria's Diamon. then the first immigrants of Sikhs arrived in 1904 and settled in British Columbia.
  • Contential Europe

    Contential Europe
    In the year 911 - 1913, 300000 and 400000 immigrants arrived each year in Canada. Most of them were from Britain and continental Europe
  • world war one

    world war one
    During World War One, there was a sharp drop in immigration because it was too dangerous to travel during the war.