My history as a reader

  • When my reading journey began

    When my reading journey began
    My grandpa would read me stories when I would have sleepovers at their house.
  • Kindergarten

    My favorite book in kindergarten was "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" I loved that series of books because the pictures were funny.
  • Elephant and Piggie

    Elephant and Piggie
    When I was in first grade this was my favorite series. Whenever we would go to the library for specials I always would get a Elephant and Piggie book. When I become a teacher this is definitely a series I will have in my classroom.
  • 4th Grade

    4th Grade
    Moving on up to 4th grade I still only liked the books that had pictures in them because I liked trying to draw the pictures while I was reading the book. So during this time, my favorite book was a graphic novel called "Smile".
  • 2014

    When I was in 6th grade I became obsessed with a graphic novel series called "Maximum Ride". I loved that series and it was different from anything I had read before.
  • 7th Grade

    7th Grade
    I read "The Fault in Our Stars" for the first time and absolutely fell in love.
  • 8th Grade

    During my 8th grade year, I was not doing very well in school or mentally. So I started to journal more than I did read. I wrote about how I felt and what I was going through to help me cope.
  • 2016

    During my eighth grade year, we had to read "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". This book really made me think about how we have such a great life compared to what people went through during WW2.
  • 2016

    I read "The Hunger Games" for the first time and wasn't really interested in it. But I watched the movie and then re-read the book.
  • 2017

    Another year of the terrible pit of depression I was in. I found another book to help me get through the tough times, this book was called "Milk and Honey". It was a book of quotes that I really related to. After my great grandmother passed in 2018 I re-read the book and even marked a page in the book with a rose from her funeral because the quote reminded me of something she said to me once. The quote is, "love is not cruel we are cruel love is not a game we have made a game out of love"
  • 2017

    My mom recommended that I read "The Outsiders". I didn't really know how to feel about the book so I watched the movie.
  • The Suffering

    The Suffering
    I can't remember when I read this but I believe it was my freshman year of high school. It is a ghost story that takes place in Japan. But it is such a good book. I finished it in like 3 days.
  • Looking for Alaska

    Looking for Alaska
    This book was definitely a step into my realistic fiction phase of reading. I liked it a lot but probably won't read it again.
  • A Playlist for the Dead

    A Playlist for the Dead
    I found this book while I was randomly shopping at Books-a-Million and I thought it would be an interesting read. Turns out it wasn't but I am glad I read it.
  • 2019

    On a trip to Michigan, I began reading "Beautiful Disaster". This is definitely one of my favorite books I have ever read and I would highly recommend it.
  • Beautiful Oblivion

    Beautiful Oblivion
    This is a book in the series with Beautiful Disaster but I love this book just as much as the other book.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    During my senior year, I was required to read more because of the English class that I was in. My favorite book that we read while I was in that class was "To Kill a Mockingbird". I liked reading this because it gave me the perspective of what people went through during the Great Depression.
  • End of 2021

    End of 2021
    I fell into a hole again and started to read books that made me feel more secure. Such as "Things We Don't Talk About", this is a book that helped me through a few of my depressive episodes.
  • 2021

    This is the beginning of my college life. I started reading textbooks instead of regular books.
  • The beginning of 2022

    The beginning of 2022
    I have been looking for new books to help me stay occupied because my anxiety and depression have increased a little bit. I was suggested by Goodreads the book has an odd name but I think it would be a good read. It's called "Unf#ck Your Brain", I am going to see if I can find a copy of it to read.