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My history as a reader

By tdrew70
  • 1985

    From a early age I was introduced to reading. Meet my first "book family," The Bearnstein Bears.
  • Miss Nelson is Missing

    Miss Nelson is Missing
    From an early age I was read to before going to bed. One story that I was Fascinated by was Miss Nelson Is Missing.
  • The Hardy Boys

    The Hardy Boys
    The Hardy Boys was my first series that I enjoyed. My brother and I read the whole series over 5 year! That was A LOT of books.
  • Sports

    Sports played a major role in my life growing up. Matt Christopher wrote a wonderful series of different young athletes conquering the courts and fields with different feats. This series certainly captured my imagination.
  • Night

    Once I entered school reading for pleasure became a thing of the past. Night was one book that was required in grade school.
  • Rome & Juliet

    Rome & Juliet
    It took me a while to appreciate the classics. Rome & Juliet was one example of a book that I had to read again once I was out of school.
  • The Odyssey

    The Odyssey
    The Odyssey was one book that I actually enjoyed reading in high school. The first book that kept me on the edge of my seat while reading.
  • Reading for Pleasure again

    Reading for Pleasure again
    Once I was finished reading for school, reading for pleasure was my new found love. I love reading about sports figures that I grew up enjoying.
  • Today

    Today, I read whatever captures my imagination. I have a habit of starting a book and no matter how bad it may be I have to finish it. I love reading all sorts of genres and it has become a habit for me to read before bed, just like when I was a kid!