my gold rush time line

By nubb101
  • the first person to find gold

    Surveyor James McBrien found some gold, but he did not get any get any reward because the government was not ready for the gold rush, so I though that it was a bit interesting.
  • gold rush started

    Edward Hargraves was the first person to claim gold and get a reward for it. This find was made public and this started the Australian gold rush.
  • licences in NSW

    I picked this event because I did not know when the licences were made, and the licences caused a lots of Controversy rebellions and ties in with alots of other events. so I thought I had to put this event in my time line.
  • eureka stockade

    this was birth of fairness and democracy of the common man in Australia, on the 3rd of December 1854 the stockade was attacked. They lost that battle but they won war on fairness.
  • the Buckland riots

    the Buckland riots was one of the first race discrimination riot in Australia gold rush era.I found this intresting because I compair and contrast todays mulitcultruism to there rasium, and see the massive difference to show how far we have gone, on the war on rasisum.
  • lambing flat riots

    I picked this riot because It was one of the worst riot in Australia about racism.
  • ben hall

    I picked this person because he was involved in the biggest gold robbery in Australia during the gold rush era so I though he should be in this in this time line he stole about 14 000 pound in 1 robbery which is about 4 million in today’s cash
  • welcome stranger nugget

    this nugget was the biggest alluvial nugget found also found it interesting because it was 3 cm under the surface
  • The "Beyers and Holtermann Specimen"

    I picked this one because this was the single biggest mass of gold and I thought It should not have been melted and it should have been kept in one big piece
  • Ned Kelly siege of Glenrowan.

    I picked this event because this is the first time Ned Kelly used his armour and his last when we think of Ned Kelly we always think about the man in the iron suit so this interesting for me