Claudia's Game History

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  • A Legend is Born

  • Duck Hunt

    Duck Hunt
    My grandmother loved playing this game, and it's one of my favourite memories I have of her. I learned from a young age that all kinds of people, of all ages enjoyed games. Nintendo 1984, Duck Hunt Cover, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Battletoads

    The first gaming console I ever had was a NES that belonged to my older brother. I loved playing Battletoads, but I always found it really hard and frustrating, then as an adult I found out it was notorious for being difficult. This game definitely taught me about memory, repetition and absolute patience. Rare 1991, Battletoads Cover, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Kirby's Adventure

    Kirby's Adventure
    This was my favourite game to play on the NES. It was the first game I couldn't put down, and being able to play it on switch gives me a unique sense of nostalgia! I love the pastel imagery, minigames, and music. HAL Laboratory, Kirby's Adventure Cover, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Halo: Combat Evolved

    Halo: Combat Evolved
    My brother always had the latest consoles, so I was able to play the first generation Xbox when it first came out. I still remember the first time I heard the Halo theme song and the chills I got. In the following years, it would become a tradition between my siblings and I to play against each other in a death match, every Thursday night. Bungie 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved cover, Xbox, Microsoft Game Studios, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • The Sims

    The Sims
    I have played every version of The Sims since I was 5 years old. It’s the game I have spent the most hours on, and it got me interested in architecture which I would go on to study at Uni. Maxis 2000, The Sims Cover, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • The Simpsons: Hit and Run

    The Simpsons: Hit and Run
    I have very fond memories of this game. (It was the first game I got scolded for because I would stay up late playing!) I still have a GameCube copy of this which I refuse to part with because it was a huge part of my childhood. Radical Entertainment 2003, The Simpsons: Hit & Run cover, Vivendi Universal games, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Bosconian

    The first thing I ever bought with my own money was a Namco Plug and Play. I got it with saved up tooth fairy money. My favourite game on it was Bosconian. We used to compete amongst family members to see who got to the highest level. I am still the only one who ever made it to the end! Namco 1981, Bosconian Cover, Arcade, Namco, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Need For Speed: Underground 2

    Need For Speed: Underground 2
    I have been a car enthusiast from an early age so I have always loved racing games. Need For Speed: Underground 2 is the most memorable one from my childhood. Personally, I think this is one of the greatest racing games ever made, and I especially love the soundtrack. EA Black Box 2004, Need For Speed: Underground 2 cover, Electronic Arts, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • GoldenEye 007

    GoldenEye 007
    No other game has ever made me laugh so much. I played this game on Nintendo 64 when I was 10 because my brother told me about a funny cheat called Donkey Kong mode. We would play split screen death match with continuous laughter just seeing each other run past with huge heads and arms. Rare 1997, GoldenEye 007 Cover, Nintendo 64, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • UNO

    In primary school, I used to play with my mum every night and tell her about my day at school. I spent many nights telling her stories and laughing with her over the dinner table. It was a nice way to end the day. Mattel 1992, UNO logo, card game, Mattel, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Skyrim was the first game where I realised games could be a form of escapism, and this game was a source of comfort to me in my early teens. I love how much detail went into the game and how vast and immersive the world is. Bethesda Game Studios 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cover, Multi-Platform, Bethesda Softworks, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II
    When I came home from school, I would rush to get my homework done so I could play zombies mode and try to survive as many waves as possible. I was in a team with other girls who loved this game, we made a lot of good memories, and we all had the zombies theme as our ringtone! Treyarch 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops II Cover, Multi-Platform, Activision, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Star Wars Battlefront

    Star Wars Battlefront
    The game that got me through year 12. My favourite day of the week was Tuesdays because I had a single lesson in the morning. I would finish school at 9:45am, then I would walk home and play this until everyone else came home. EA DICE 2015, Star Wars Battlefront Cover, Multi-Platform, Electronic Arts, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley
    I started this game around the time I started uni. It was a good stress reliever and I fell in love with the intricate storylines and soundtrack. The fact it was made by one person really inspires me and got me interested in game design. ConcernedApe 2016, Stardew Valley Cover, Multi-Platform, ConcernedApe, Chucklefish, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO
    Pokemon GO was probably the first mobile game I got really into. I loved the real-world aspect of this game that encouraged you to explore the world around you. Because it was very popular, it was easy to make friends and work together with other people. Niantic, Nintendo & The Pokemon Company 2016, Pokemon GO Logo, iOS, Android, Niantic, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Forza Horizon 3

    Forza Horizon 3
    Because it's set in Australia, I love cruising around in my cars and enjoying the familiar landscape. One of my favourite things about this game is the sky. The developers used actual footage of the sky in Australia which I found very innovative. Playground Games 2016, Forza Horizon 3 Cover, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Microsoft Studios, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Overcooked

    My favourite game to play at parties, and the sequel is even better! Ghost Town Games became one of my favourite developers after playing this. I love the unique gameplay and level progression. Ghost Town Games 2016, Overcooked Cover, Multi-Platform, Team 17, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Cuphead

    This game made me bond with my youngest sister. We both love the retro art style and how challenging the game is. The best part is the co-op option which does not affect the gameplay much and can sometimes be an advantage. Studio MDHR 2017, Cuphead Cover, Multi-Platform, Studio MDHR, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • L.A Noire

    L.A Noire
    After this game was recommended to me, I couldn't put it down. I loved the gameplay and having to use your own discernment to investigate the crime scenes and solve cases. Team Bondi 2011, L.A Noire Cover, Multi-Platform, Rockstar Games, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    I finally bought myself a switch before the pandemic started because I knew this game was going to be released. Like many people in 2020, I would stay up late playing and customising my island. I fell in love with the cute graphics and serene atmosphere. This game just brings me so much peace. Nintendo EPD 2020,Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cover, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo, viewed 1 March 2021,
  • Ghost of Tsushima

    Ghost of Tsushima
    Because I'm in the final year of my architecture degree, I don't have much time to play video games like I used to. However, I enjoy Ghost of Tsushima in my spare time. I love how realistic enemy fighting mechanics are, the Japanese lore, and how beautiful the scenery is. Sucker Punch Productions 2020, Ghost of Tsushima Cover, Playstation 4, Sony Interactive Entertainment, viewed March 1 2021,
  • Beat Saber

    Beat Saber
    In 2020 I traveled with my sister to a rural internship she had to go to. We ended up having a terrible time and decided to come home early. To make us feel better, my Mum bought me this game and a music pack with it. It's definitely my favourite VR game, and I love how easy it is for anyone to play. Beat Games 2019, Beat Saber Cover, Multi-Platform, Beat Games, viewed 1 March 2021,