My familiy story

  • Enrique Vigano

    Pordenone, Italy. The family was happy about meeting the fifteenth member. The farm was full of joy but there were no time for parties, They had to continue working. Enrique was born in a hard-working family, and he would worked since he was a very little boy.
  • Period: to

    My family story

  • Carmen Petrillo

    Carmen Petrillo was born in Venice, Italy. The youngest daughter of Ida and Agustino. Her two brothers and two sisters were happy to share time with her. She lived in the city with her family until she got married
  • Love at first sight

    Love at first sight
    Spring of 1934, they met in a family wedding and fell in love. They loved each other and enjoyed the time dancing, singing and making plans for a future together. They dreamt to build a big family in their beautiful Italy.
  • The wedding and the problems

    After two years of love they finally got married, but not all was happiness. There were no time for honeymoon, they have to start working as soon as possible. The city girl moved from her fathers house to a big farm where 25 family members worked together. LIttle money, little food and lot of troubles. She tried to fit in her husband family despite of the completly different background.
  • Their first baby

    Their first baby named Maria, came to put light to the hard time they were having. Things on the farm were sad, they were always working and they hadn't much time to share. Food was too little, mens and children ate first and women only ate what was left over. The beautiful Maria gave the couple strength.
  • The devastating World War II

    The devastating World War II
    Times became worst when in 1939 started the Worl War II. Men left to war and a few of them came back. Bombs fell inthe backyards, airplanes flew over their heads, panic and fear was every day stateof mind.
  • Returning home from war

    Enrique came back from war, but the relation with Carmen was too far appart. Missery and hunger was everywhere.
  • A hopeful call

    In 1947 Enrique received a letter from his cousin who lived in Merlo, Argentina. He told him he could go and start a new life in a new country full of promises. Enrique decided to go.
  • The reunion of the couple

    The reunion of the couple
    After six long months of missing each other, Enrique sent a letter to Carmen telling her to go to Argentina.
    He was working ina factory. She and her daughter sailed for 45 days in a trassatlantic full of people with new dreams.
  • Living in Argentina, their new home

    Enrique worked in the factory and Carmen cooked for the employees. She said it was the happiest time of her life, because she had her own family. They had 4 daughters and 3 sons more.
  • Enlarging the family

    Maria met a wonderful man called Martín and after a year of love, they got married. A year later, Mirta was born.
  • Jorge's birth

    The couple and their daughter were happy to receive the new family member Jorge.
  • The meeting between Jorge and Alicia

    Working at a bank, Jorge met Alicia and they started dating. After five years of love, they had their first son Pablo.
  • I had just arrived

    I had just arrived
    Three years later, the lovely couple had their first daughter, Micaela. She and her brother Pablo were going to be best friends.
  • The high school graduation

    The high school graduation
    Up to this time, the family was bigger. I had two more sisters and two brothers. I graduated from high school and started syudying Hotel Administration.
  • Joaquin came to our lives

    Joaquin came to our lives
    After years living together, Carlos and me decided to have a baby. The fifth of June Joaquin was born and was the most special and incredible day ever.
  • The last member of the familiy

    The last member of the familiy
    My brother Pablo, who is married to Paulina, had a baby named Milo. He is the smallest member of the family so far, but we hope our family continue enlarging with more babies!!!!