My Educational Timeline

Timeline created by jtromans
  • Education Act (1944) Passed

    Education Act (1944) Passed
    The act introduced the tri-partite system of schools which set up
    grammar schools, secondary technical schools and secondary modern schools.
    The school leaving age was set at 15 and secondary education was made free
    All children under 18 were given free school milk
  • Transfer Test Introduced

    The transfer tests would determine which type of school you would go to, a Grammar school, Secondary Modern or Technical school
  • Plowden Report

    The plowden report was published, having been commissioned in 1963 to investigate education in primary schools. It determined that education should be for the individual not the masses
  • Margaret Thatcher - Education Secretary

    Margaret Thatcher - Education Secretary
    Elected along with Edward Heath, Margaret thatcher was appointed education secretary. Due to pressure on public finances she cut out the free school milk for 7 - 11 year olds. She gained the nickname "Thatcher milk snatcher" for this
  • School leaving age raised to 16

    The school leaving age was raised to 16, it was in the 1944 education act to allow the raising, however it was only in 1973 that it was deemed practicible to do
  • I was born

    On this glorious day in 1984 i was finally bought into this world. A blue baby strangled by my own umbilical cord.
  • GCSE's introduced

    GCSE's introduced
    The old system of O-level GCE and CSE's were replaced with a single GCSE system
    A* Grades were not in the original system and only added in 1994
  • Education Reform Act (1988)

    Education Reform Act (1988)
    The education reform act introduced the National Curriculum in schools and also it introduced the Key Stages used in schools.
    It also gave parents a choice in where their children went to school
  • Period: to

    I attended primary school

    During this time i was attending Northfield Road Primary school in Netherton
  • First SATs sat

    First SATs sat
    The SAT tests have always been controversial, they were introduced as part of the national curriculum. Unions and several figures including authors have voiced opposition to them through their time. They meant a test at age 7, 11, 14, 16
  • Further and Higher Education Act (1992)

    Further and Higher Education Act (1992)
    This act allowed many polytechnic colleges to become universities. Including Wolverhampton Polytechnic which became a university
  • OFSTED Formed

    OFSTED Formed
    Education (Schools) Act 1992 set out for the reorganisation of school inspections into one organisation, OFSTED.
    The Act was repealed and replaced in 1996
  • Education Act 1996 Passed

    Education Act 1996 Passed
    Education Act 1996 which consolidated many of the changes that had taken place into one act
  • School Inspections Act 1996

    School Inspections Act 1996
    School Inspections Act 1996 replaced the Education (Schools) Act 1992, it set down the 6-year cycle of school inspections by OFSTED
  • Period: to

    Attended Secondary School

    During this time i attended Earls High Secondary school in halesowen
  • Education Act 1944 Repealed

    Education Act 1944 Repealed
    The Education Act 1944 was repealed, having already been replaced with the Education Act 1996
  • Labour Government Elected

    Labour Government Elected
    Tony Blair was elected in a landslide victory with the mantra "Education, Education, Eduction" with a focus on the education system and this fed in to some education reforms and a push for a rise in standards
  • Curriculum 2000

    Curriculum 2000
    Curriculum 2000 was introduced. A-level qualifications were removed and replaced with AS and A2 qualifications. If you took an AS and followed it up with an A2 qualification you were given an A-level
  • GCSE Exams sat

    GCSE Exams sat
    I sat my GCSE exams and came out with good results. I got a Game-boy advance for doing so well.
  • Period: to

    Attended Sixth Form College

    I atteneded the King Edward VI College in Stourbridge taking all 4 AS levels to A level
  • Period: to

    Attended University as Undergraduate

    I attended and successfully completed a BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree at the university of Wales, Swansea
  • The Credit Crunch

    Due to banking investments in toxic mortgages that couldn't be repaid the financial system collapsed. This caused a global recession and put a lot of focus on public debt. When the coalition government comes to power in 2010 they have to make great cuts to public spending
  • Key stage 3 SATs abolished

    Key stage 3 SATs abolished
    The SATs commonly taken in year 9 were abolished by the government and announced by then education secretary, Ed Balls.
    Key Stage 2 SATs remain.
  • Started PGCE Secondary ICT

    Started PGCE Secondary ICT
    I started my PGCE secondary ICT course for completion in 2012