My Brother Sam is Dead Traditional Timeline

  • First Shot at Lexington *Historical Event 1

    The first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired in Lexington, Massachusettes. It was known as "The Shot Heard Around the World." It is unknown who fired it.
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    My Brother Sam is Dead Traditional Timeline

  • Sam fights with Father *Event 1

    Sam joins the Continental Army under the comand of Benedict Arnold. At the Meekers' house, Sam talks about the battles at Lexington and Concord. This leads to arguement between him and Father.
  • Tim's View Point *Event 2

    Tim gets to speak with Sam in Tom Warrups's hut. He questions if he himself is a patriot or a loyalist. This is the main conflict in the story because being a patriot goes with Sam and being a loyalist goes with Father. Tim doesn't want to go against one of them so he tries to avoid the topic and stay neutral.
  • Verplancks Point *Event 3

    Tim goes with his Father to deliver cattle to Verplancks Point. Along the way, Tim and Father are stopped by rebel cowboys who are not happy that the Meekers are selling to the British. Luckily, a group of men riding out to find the cowboys comes and scares them off. On the way back, Father and Tim are very cautious. Father would ride ahead, then come back to clarify to Tim that it was safe. When Father doesn't come back for a while, Tim goes ahead and finds tracks telling him Father was taken.
  • British Storm Danbury *Historical Event 2

    The British Troops stormed Danbury, Connecticut to steal the Continental Army's supplies.
  • British come through Redding *Event 4

    Tim witnesses the British marching through Redding. When a messenger comes through, he quickly turns around and tries to run, but is shot. Tim is sent to go to Dr. Hobart's place. Along the way, he sees the British army attacking a group of rebels at Captain Starr's house. The British march in and kill everyone. Tim is disgusted to see Ned's head fall off his body. It is hear that Tim realizes that he his neither loyalist or patriot after seeing the British cruelty and the rebels' at Verplancks.
  • French Alliance *Historical Event 3

    The French agree to be allies with the Americans in their fight for freedom against the British. They sign the Treaty of Alliance and The Treaty of Amity and Commerce
  • Sam Gets Falsely Reported *Event 5

    During the Winter of 1778, Sam has been coming back to visit. He was not allowed to do this, but he wanted to see his family. Sam tells Tim to do something with the 8 cows he has or someone will take them. One night, noises are heard and some cows are gone. Sam chases the thieves while Tim relaxes the remaining cattle. Sam is overpowered and the theives say they will blame Sam for stealing the cattle.
  • Tim's Rescue Attempt *Event 6

    Tim attempts to free Sam. He runs to the encampment at night with a bayonette. He rushes the sleeping gaurd to kill him, but instead wakes him up. The gaurd shoots at Tim and Tim flees up the hill. He throws the bayonette over the wall screaming "Sam!" in hopes that Sam would catch the bayonette. Tim finds out Sam wasn't even there.
  • Sam's Execution *Event 7

    Tim goes to Sam's execution. He sees Sam get shot and lit on fire, then shot again. It is an unpleasant experiance for Tim. Mother didn't wish to attend.