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  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    British troops were going to capture and destroy supplies that the milita were storing at Concord. The patriot minutemen fought off the British and managed to drive them away. This battle was a Patriot victory.
  • Sam retruns home with news about the battle

    Sam arrives at home during dinner to tell everyone in the taven about the battles at Lexington and Concord.
  • Sam and Father get into a fight about the war

  • Tim finds out that Sam stole the Brown Bess

    Tim goes down to Tom Warrups' shack to vist Sam and finds the Brown Bess under a blanket.
  • Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

    A small force of Greem Mountain Boys, led by Ethan Allen, captured Fort Ticonderoga. A patriot victory.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The British make an attempt to capture Bunker Hill. The patriots hear of this ahead of time, and during the night they fortify the hill. However, this turns out to be the wrong hill. The British suffer heavy losses but still manage to capture the hill. A British victory, but a bittersweet one.
  • Continental Soldiers arrive to take the Brown Bess from Father

    Four continentals come into the taven and try to take the gun, beating up Father in the process. The have to leave empty handed, however, since Sam still has the gun.
  • Food starts to become a problem as everything goes up in price

  • Mr. Heron asks Tim to deliever some "business" letters

    Mr. Heron comes into the tavern and soon asks Tim to deliever some "business" letters for him to Fairfield. Father says no and after Mr. Heron leaves, says that those letters are probably not ordinary business letters.
  • Tim sets out to deliever the letter to Fairfield

  • Tim encounters Betsy, who stops him from delivering the letter

    Tim encounters Besty while walking to Fairfield. They get into a fight about the letter. Betsy gets the letter away from Tim, runs away, opens it, and then drops it on the ground. Tim picks it up and reads it. He finds out that it is not business letters.
  • Declaration of Independence is signed

    The Declaration of Independence is signed, offically announcing the colonies' independence from Britain.
  • Battle of Long Island

    The British drove the patriots from New York. A British victory.
  • Father and Tim set out for Verplanks point

    Father and Tim are going to Verplanks point to sell their cattle.
  • Father and Tim are stopped by cow-boys

    An escort then arrrives and chases the cow-boys away.
  • Tim and Father start to return home in the deep snow

    The day before, there was a large snowstorm. In the morning, the snow has stopped, but there is a foot of snow on the ground.
  • Tim finds that Father has been captured by cow-boys

    Father is riding ahead to check for anyone and then riding back to check on Tim. After a while, Tim realizes that Father hasn't come back for a long time. He goes on and finds tracks in the snow that sugguest a struggle.
  • British troops come to Redding

    After the British march into Redding, they go to Mr. Heron's house. They then go to Captain Bett's house where they capture Captaon Betts, Mr. Read, and Jerry Sanford.
  • The British raid on Danbury

  • Mother and Tim find out that Father is dead

    News arrives that Father died on a British prison ship. He had been dead for almost a month.
  • Spain declares war on Britain

  • Climax: Sam is taken in as a cattle thief

    Tim and Sam hear a noise back in the barn. When they go to investigate, they find that four of the cows are gone. Sam tells Tim to get the other cows and runs off to chase after the real thieves. The two auctual cattle thieves overtake him and bring him in as a cattle thief.
  • Tim goes to talk to General Parsons

    General Parsons tells Tim that it's up to General Putnam of what's going to happen.
  • Tim tries to talk to General Putnam

    General Putnam is determined to make an example of someone. However, he says he'll reconsider it.
  • General Putnam refuses their plea for clemency

  • Tim tries to rescue Sam

    Tim goes down to the stockade and throws a bayonet into it, hoping that Sam will be able to use it to escape. He doesn't even know is Sam is in there.
  • Sam is executed

    Sam is brought to the top of the hill. He is shot from such a close distance, that his clothes catch on fire, He falls over, and jerks around until he is shot again.
  • The French arrive

    The French arrive at Newport, Rhode Island to help the Americans.
  • Battle of Yorktown begins

  • Battle of Yorktown ends

    Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown after he is surrounded by French and American forces on land and the French navy at sea. An American victory, this was the last major battle of the Revolution.
  • The Treaty of Paris 1783 is signed

    The treaty offically ended the American Revolution and allowed the colonies to become their own nation, free from Britain. France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic also had agreements in the treaty.
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