My Brother Sam is Dead- Mack O

  • Paul Revere's Ride-Historical Event

    Paul Revere's Ride-Historical Event
    Paul Revere and a few other men rode throughout the night ot warn the surrounding counrtyside of approaching British troops that were trying to steal the colonists' ammunition.
  • Lexington and Concord-Historical Event and Rising Action

    Lexington and Concord-Historical Event and Rising Action
    Sam is describing the battle to his family and he and father get into an arguement, resulting in Sam later stealing the Brown Bess, the family gun, and leaving to fully enlist into the military and fight in the Revolution.
  • Sam -Explication (intro)

    Sam -Explication (intro)
    Sam comes home to visit from college and gets into an argument with Father, and then steals the Brown Bess, the family gun, and runs away to enlist into the war, leaving his family to cope with the losses and the ever-increasing hardships to come.
  • Gun Troubles-Rising Action

    Gun Troubles-Rising Action
    On this day, Continental Soldiers arrive in the town and come into the Meeker family tavern, looking for guns and ammo. Fatehr tells them the truth, that his son, Sam, stole it and enlisted into the Continental Army. They do not believe him and threaten him with weapons. At the time, Sam is in town and Tim comes to steal back the gun to help Father. Sam wakes up at that point and follows Tim back to the Tavern to see the situation.
  • Declaration of Independece-Historical Event

    Declaration of Independece-Historical Event
    This is the day that the Declaration of Independence was official and is a historical date that occurs along the same timeline of the book.
  • Ambushed! -Rising Action

    Ambushed! -Rising Action
    While on the journey back from Verplancks Point, Father is ambushed by cowboys, which are thieves disguised as Patriots gathering beef, and Tim has to finish the journey back to Redding by himself.
  • The British-Rising Action

    The British-Rising Action
    In this event, a part of the rising action, the British come to Redding and go to Mr. Heron's house, and when they come out they go and capture Caption Betts, Mr. Rogers, and Jerry Sanford, also killing others and stealing supplies.
  • Poor Father!-Rising Action

    Poor Father!-Rising Action
    In June the Meekers find out that Father has died from disease on a British prison ship and that Jerry Sanford had also died.
  • Battle of Saratoga-Historical Event

    Battle of Saratoga-Historical Event
    In this event the British try to capture Albany New York in order to block off the New England colonies.
  • Captured!-Climax

    Sam comes home to visit and he is captured by cattle thieves and is blamed for a crime he didn't do. He is put on trial to be executed.
  • Rescue Attempt-Falling Action

    Rescue Attempt-Falling Action
    During the night Tim sneaks out of the Tavern and into the Continentals' Camp to try and rescue Sam from his predicament.
  • Executed-Falling Action

    Executed-Falling Action
    On this day Sam is executed. He is shot by three men at such a close range that his clothes catch on fire, and he dies from his wounds.
  • Treaty of Alliance-Historical Event

    Treaty of Alliance-Historical Event
    On this day the Treaty of Alliance was signed between France and the colonies
  • Moving-Resolution

    Tim and his mother leave Redding and move to Philadelphia. He gets lessons from Mr.Heron on surveying and Tim's life prospers.
  • Period: to

    Cowpens and Kings Mountain and Yorktown

    More Battles were fought and most were won by the Continental Army
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris is signed this day, signalling the end of the war with the win going to the colonists, with the aid of the French.