My Brother Sam is Dead

By sara33
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    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Sam Comes Home

    Sam comes home and has decided to leave college to join the Patriots. This event is important because it starts the beginning of the tragedy awaiting the Meekers
  • Sam takes the Brown Bess

    Sam tries to take the family's brown bess due to the fact each patriot must have his own weapon .That same day Sam is kicked out of the house and ordered by his father to never return
  • Father is captured by the cowboys

    Father is captured by the cowboys and Tim is forced to the wagon home by himself. When the cowboys come and try to take the wagon from TIm he comes up with a plan that Father neither Sam would've thought to do. When Tim returns home, he has changed in a way that he felt more grown up and mature, not being the same TIm as he was.
  • British invade Redding

    The British soldiers invade Redding killing several people including Captain Starr and Ned . After watching this horrendous event, Tim didn't feel like being much of Tory and was geting closer to figuring which side he wants to be on.
  • Good Bye Father Forever

    Father died on the Prison ship due to cholera. This event is important becaue Tim takes on the role as the man of the house due to Father's death and Sam's absence. Tim matures and starts to become his own person, thinking the way he would instead of Sam or Father
  • Sam is Arrested

    Sam comes home to visit while on duty. While at the Meekeer tavern they hear the cattle screaming and Sam checks to see what goes on. He see to men trying to steal the cattle. Sam is grabbed and taken to the General under the false accusation of stealing cattle. This makes the Meeker family show the true love they have for Sam. It also build TIm's way of loooking at life.
  • Tim's attempt of Prison Break

    TIm tries to break Sam out of his 'jail cell" by using a bayonet. This event shows Tim's love towards his brother. It also shows how Tim's decision is growing stronger towards being a patriot.
  • Bye Bye to the Beloved Patriot, Sam

    Since Sam was falsely accused of stealing cattle,he was excuted. This event is important because Tim relizes he is a patriot at heart and that he wants to fight for the unjustice done to his brother . Rage and sadness fill him during the event and Tim's true colors are revealed
  • The Year of the Book

    In this event, Tim speaks about how he became a patriot and fought in the American Revolution. It also describes how proud Tim is of his country and due to how he speaks,his self-confidence grew.