My Brother Sam is Dead

By 015736
  • Historical Event #1

    The Battle of Lexington and Concord takes place.
  • Event #1

    Sam comes home and has dinner with Father, Mother, Mr. Beach, and Tim. He tells them about the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Father is not happy about Sam saying bad things about the king.
  • Event #2

    Father and Sam fight about Sam wanting to go to war. Sam is stubborn and will not listen to anything Father says about war.
  • Event #3

    Sam steals Father's gun called the brown bess, and then runs away to Tom Warrups, the local Indian.
  • Event #4

    Rebels come to the family tavern and threaten Father to give them his gun, but Sam has it. Father receives a cut on the face from the Rebel leader, but nothing fatal.
  • Historical Event #2

    The Declaration of Independence is adopted by Congress, this means that the Americans have officially announced their separation from Britain.
  • Event #5

    Father and Tim go to Verplanck's Point to sell cattle, but on the way home, Father is captured by Cowboys. Tim continues to bring the cart with the goods they bought home despite a snow storm.
  • Event #6

    British troops come to Redding. They take Tims friend Jerry Sanford, and burn down the house of General Starr, an American General. They did this after Tim saw the British commander cut off a man's head.
  • Historical Event #3

    The Americans win the Battle of Saratoga. This is a major victory for the Americans because they gain the help of the French.
  • Event #7

    Sam and some Rebel troops come to Redding. Sam is chosen to show the Generals around becuase he is from Redding. Sam also sneaks out to see Tim and his mother even though he is not supposed to leave his post.
  • Event #8

    While at the tavern, Sam, Tim, and Mother hear that their cattle is being stolen. Sam tries to fight off the thieves but there are two of them. After over powering him, the two men take Sam in as a cattle thief.
  • Event #9

    Tim tries to help Sam escape from the stockade he is being held in. He does this by throwing a gun over the stockade wall hoping that Sam will be able to find the gun and leave the stockade in all of the confusion. However, after the "rescue mission" Tim realizes that Sam and all of the other men have been moved.
  • Event #10

    This is the day of Sam's execution. He is to be shot by other soldiers. He is shot from such close range, Sam catches on fire. He is eventually shot again. This is the shot that kills him.