My Brother Sam is Dead

By 100504
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    This battle was the first of the Revolutionary war. It is famous for the 'shot heard around the world'. It started the long battle for independence. The Americans won this battle, boosting their morale.
  • Sam Comes Home

    In April, Sam comes home from Yale. He tells his family that he is going to enlist in the war. Father gets mad and they argue.
  • Sam Steals the Brown Bess

    The night of the fight between Father and Sam, Sam stole the Brown Bess, which was Father's gun. This causes a future conflict.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill was the first major battle of the Revolutionary War. The Americans greatly hurt the British force. It showed the British that they couldn't crush the rebellion with one small fight and it also showed the Americans that the British would not be defeated easily.
  • The Continental Officers Confront Father

    In the winter of 1775, Continental Army officers come to the Meeker tavern and ask Father for the Brown Bess. Father does not have it because Sam stole it, but the officers don't believe him.
  • Tim Delivers the Letter

    Tim delivers Mr. Heron's letter against Father's will. On the way, he gets intercepted by Betsy Read who steals the letter, reads it, and then throws it back. It said 'If this message is received, we will know that the messenger is reliable.'
  • The Verplancks Point Trip

    Father and Tim make a trip to Verplancks Point to sell their cattle to get money to buy supplies for the tavern. On the way there, they were stopped by cowboys (which were cattle thieves). People from the Committee of Safety chased them away. On the way back, it started snowing very hard. Father was taken away by the cowboys and Tim trudged the rest of the way back home.
  • British Come to Redding

    The British come to Redding, Connecticut. Once there, they went to Mr. Heron's house. After coming out, they shot the Patriot messenger and burned down Dan Starr's house, killing him and the slave, Ned, in the process.
  • The Continental Army Comes

    Eight hours after the British army came through Redding, the Continental Army comes along. They were too late and they settled down where the British were before. Tim notices that they mention Mr. Heron in a friendly way a couple of times.
  • Treaty of Alliance

    The French decide to publicly help the colonists in fighting the British. This was a key point in winning the Revolutionary War.
  • Sam is Accused

    Tim, Sam, and Mother were in the tavern when they heard some sounds coming from the outside. Tim and Sam go to investigate and find that someone has stolen their cattle. Sam goes out to capture the thieves and in turn gets accused of being one.
  • Sam's Trial

    Sam's trial was on February, 6 1779. There, he was found guilty and to be executed by a gunshot.
  • Tim Talks to General Putnam

    After learning the results of Sam's trial, Tim goes out to talk to General Putnam. Around one or two in the afternoon, Tim was finally able to talk to him. He tries convincing General Putnam but General Putnam just said that he would consider it.
    Later, it is announced that Sam's execution will be February 16, 1779. It is apparent that General Putnam did not show any clemency.
  • Tim's Rescue Attempt

    After learning that Sam was still to be executed, Tim sharpens a bayonet and goes out to rescue Sam. He finds that the guard is sleeping and charges. The guard wakes up and intercepts Tim. Tim throws the bayonet over the fence guarding the stockade where Sam is supposed to be and calls his name. Tim takes off and is almost shot by the guard. The stockade was empty since Sam was moved to a different place.
  • Sam Dies

    Tim attends Sam's execution. He is shot so close that his shirt lights on fire. Sam falls and jerks around until he is shot again and dies.