My Brother Sam is Dead

  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party was when the son's of liberty dumped the tea off of three British ships. They dumped 45 tons of tea into the Boston Harbor.
  • The Intolerable acts boycotted

    The acts closed the boston harbor. They were accepted by king george the 3rd
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord was the fist battle of the revolutionary war. The British took lexington, and the americans took concord.
  • Sam comes home.

    Sam comes home after enlisting in the army.
  • Sam is going out to war.

    Sam is going back to war. Him and his father have a debate about whos' side he is on.
  • The continental army comes to the tavern.

    The continental army comes to sams family's tavern, and asks for there gun. They tell them they dont have it, but they dont believe them. Sam has it at the war.
  • Sam sneeks from his post and comes home.

    Sam sneeks home from his post to see betsy.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill was a brutal battle. The Americans showed the British that they can go neck and neck with them. The British won after leaving, and comming back 3 times to try and win.
  • Tim changes sides.

    Tim changed his mind from being a Tory when he saw the British brutally attack Captain Starr's house.
  • Tim finds out his father is dead.

    Tim finds out that his father died because he was captured and put in a British war ship were choleria broke out and multiple people died from it including Tim's father.
  • The Battle of Yorktown.

    This was a american and french victory against the British in the battle of yorktown. This battle took place in Virginia.
  • Sam is accused.

    Sam is accused of stealing his own cattle from his own farm.
  • Sam goes to jail.

    Sam is taken to jail for being accused of stealing his cattle.
  • Tims rescue.

    Tim trys to rescue sam from jail. He trys to throw a brown bess rifle into the area were he thinks sam is to see if sam could excape with it. It didnt work. Tim fled and was shot in the shoulder. Sam wasn't in the area were Tim threw the rifle.
  • Sam is put to death.

    Sam is put to death for being accused as a cattle thief.
  • Tim and his mother close the tavern.

    Tim and his mother both agree that there are to many harsh memories at the tavern so they closed it.