Music 1

Musical Autobiography

By VRivera
  • Birth

    Birth of Viri in Mexico. (:
  • Period: to


  • Middle School

    Middle School
    Black and Yellow -Wiz Khalifa
    Concord Middle School. It wasn't a bad experience necessarily, but it wasn't the best either.
  • Early College

    Early College
    I got accepted into Early College! WOOHOOOO!
  • Graduated

    Hall of Fame -Will.I.Am
    4 Years later. There I was , graduating. It was crazy to think how quickly high school went. I wasn't expecting to miss it so much. but I did miss it all.
  • Went to Hawaii

    Went to Hawaii
    Summer Nights -Grease
    I used what money I had saved up during High School to relax and visit Hawaii. I always wanted to travel and Hawaii seemed like a good place to start, I didn't go on my own of course, but it was definitely a choice I don't regret making.
  • Started College

    Started College
    I hate College -Sam Adams
    It was really hard to choose what college I wanted to go to, but seeing as I wanted to become and ESL teacher Capella seemed liked a good choice. It was also a good opportunity to get out of the state.
  • Internship

    ABC,123 -The Jacksons
    Internship as ESL teacher at a school for the first time. It was definitely a huge step, since I didn't really feel prepared.
  • MEXICO!!!

    Bailando -Enrique Iglesias
    I was so excited to go to Mexico. When you haven't see your grandmother since you were 8, it gets pretty hard to imagine seeing her again. I was waiting for forever to be able to visit her again.
  • First Job as ESL teacher

    First Job as ESL teacher
    It had been a long path to get this job, and I was really becoming discouraged, but my boo thing mentioned a school that was in need of a teacher, so I applied and I got the job!
  • He put a ring on it!

    He put a ring on it!
    Propuesta Indecente -Romeo SantosIt was at a totally unexpected moment! I was at one of his soccer games when suddenly after winning the game they called me to go down there and help clean up, like always; however nobody else moved. As I walked down, I realized that He was standing there looking at me and smiling;but anyways yes, he proposed. And everyone was happy for us.
  • Wedding

    A Thousand Years
    After searching for forever for 'THE ONE' I finally found him. This was a huge step for me, I mean I never really thought about this happening, and it did. I was really excited, but at the same time sad because I would finally leave the care of my parents, and care for my own.
  • Camp Nou

    Camp Nou
    Llevame Contigo -Romeo Santos
    Honeymooning in Barcelona. This is where me and my husband made our first memories. I never believed I'd go to Barcelona, and neither did he, so I surprised him by taking him to Camp Nou, home of his favorite team.
  • Bought our first house

    Bought our first house
    Going Home -Drake
    During the planning of our wedding, we decided to buy a house, so we did. We put everything in our house while also planning the wedding, and finally moved in when we came back from out honeymooon. Since we didn't plan on having a lot of kids, we focused on price and area, and didn't really care about space wise.
  • Baby #1

    Baby #1
    About two years after getting married I had my first child. It was definitely a terrifying thought but it was definitely worth it. I was scared that maybe I wasn't going to be a good mom, but I turned out okay. Baby Lucas survived my parenting. (:
  • Graduation

    My sister had finally graduated!!! I couldn't believe . She had finally become a full grown adult. I missed having to tell her what to do, now she was off to college.
  • Babies #2 & #3!

    Babies #2 & #3!
    We thought we were expecting, and we were, except we were expecting twins! Baby Lea and Isaac were both born healthy and pretty big. Isaac was born a few minutes before Lea.