Music Video Production Schedule

  • Creative ideas and scheduling

    Decide as a group a sustainable track, which must be in digital format and could be either an original piece made by friend/ourselves or an existing piece which has no existing music video.
  • Research and case studies

    Once chosen a music video gather 3 already exisitng music videos that relate to the chosen one based on genre, style, performance, etc.
  • Treatment

    A short plan of what im intended to do
  • Focus groups/ pitch

    Pre-production audience feedback on the idea and treatment.
  • Pre-production

    We would draw a storyboard to reimagine how the actual video may look like.
    This would include camera shot/ angle, location, camera size, positioning, actions, sound timing (lip sync) and lighting.
  • Research and planning CD/ DVDcover and advert

    pitch of the idea and design techniques also the reason for choosing certains techniques
  • Shooting the music Video

    we need to ask 48 hours in advance for the equipemnt, however this is the deadline when the music video needs to be fully captured.
    This means using the storyborads and all the pre-production research to create the music vdeo.
  • Editing

    At this stage I am going to edit the music video, by matching the lip synching, also by cutting adding transitions and etc.