Mughal Empire

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  • Apr 21, 1526

    The Foundation of Mughal Empire

    In the first Battle of Panipat, Babur defeats Ibrahim Lodhi, Sultan of Delhi, and founds Mughal Empire
  • Jul 11, 1543

    Humayan's defeat

    Pashtun leader Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayan and drives him into exile in Afghanistan
  • Jul 23, 1555

    Humayan returns to the Mughal throne

    Discord among Sher Shah Suri's successors allows Humayun to retake control of northern India, be restored to Mughal throne
  • 1582


    Akber, also known as Akbar the Great created his own religion and made people worship him and Allah.
  • Break of religious tolerance

    Shah Jahan orders destruction of newly-built Hindu temples, breaking with Mughal record of religious tolerance
  • Rise of Aurangzeb

    Aurangzeb imprisons his father, Shah Jahan, for the rest of his life in the Red Fort at Agra
  • Expansion of Mughal rule

    Aurangzeb expands Mughal rule to more than 3.2 million square km, including Assam, the Deccan plateau, and parts of southern India
  • End of the Golden era of Mughal rule

    March 3, 1707: Death of Aurangzeb marks the end of Mughal Golden Era, beginning of slow decline; he is succeeded by son Bahadur Shah I
  • Muhammad Shah

    After Jahandar Shahs excution and many rulers taking the throne and dying , Muhammad Shah takes the Throne and rules properly.
  • End of Mughal Rule

    After many rulers Including some generations of previous Mughal rulers British exile Bahadur shah II.