Ms. Sasaki: Hiroshima

  • She woke up at 3 o’clock on the morning.

    She woke up early to do extra housework.
  • Left the city at about 7 o'clock.

    She left so early to get to work on time.
  • She arrived at work at about 7:45.

  • She preparred for a metting.

    The meeting was supposed to start at about 8:05.
  • She called for help at about 9 o'clock.

  • She was helped and left in the courtyard at 11:10.

  • Period: to

    Miss Sasaki: Hiroshima

    This timeline will display events that happened to Ms. Sasaki
  • She was still in the courtyard.

    She was in the courtyard without food or water. Her leg started to become discolored and swollen.
  • She was rescued and seen by doctors.

  • She was taken to Hatsukaichi.

  • She was moved to the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima.

  • Dr. Sasaki made an incision in her leg.

    Dr. Sasaki drained the infection.
  • Father Kleinsorge visited her in the hospital

    He tried to convert her.
  • She was starting to get better.

    Her infection was clearing up, and her temperature was back to normal.
  • She converted to Catholicism.

  • she put her brother and sister into the Garden of Light orphanage.

    She also got a job there.
  • She transferred to the White Chrysanthemum orphanage.

  • Miss Sasaki took classes at Oita University to be a nursery-school teacher.

  • Miss Sasaki was a qualified nursery-school teacher.

  • Miss Sakai had 3 major operations.

  • She went back to work.

  • Miss Sasaki visited Father Takakura. He told her about a covent, Misasa.

  • Miss. Sasaki became Sister Dominique Sasaki.

  • She attended an international conference in Rome for working nuns.

  • She retired from Garden of St. Joseph.

    She won a trip to Holy See but instead gave advice to turist. Later she became a tourist.
  • She celebrated her 25th anniversary for becoming a nun.