MP, The Summer I Turned Pretty, By Jenny Han, Fiction, Pages 276

  • Chapters 1-12, Pages 47

    We are introduced to Belly (main character), Conrad, Jeremiah, Sussanah, Belly's mom, and Steven. Every summer Belly, her mom, and brother Steven go to their mom's friends lake house. Conrad and Jeremiah are Susanah's boys. This summer is different everyone is shocked because Belly looks beautiful. They have all changed into older kids. Conrad, the oldest who Belly has a crush on now smokes and seems finally into her. Pages 620
  • Chapters 12-17, Pages 47-81

    Susannah and Belly's mom smoke pot in their room because of Susannah's breast cancer. The next day Jeremiah, Belly, and Steven go to movies and Steven leaves early and it seems like a date between Jeremiah and Belly. Next is a flashback to when belly's friend Taylor came to the summer house and is all over Conrad and Jeremiah and Belly can't stand her being there. Pgs. 654
  • Chapters 18-23, pages 87-133

    They had only been at the summer house for a week and Steven already had to leave because of college tours, so it was Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly. That night Belly goes for a night swim and Conrad, Jeremiah, and Clay are drinking and Conrad tries to make her leave but Clay invites her to a party and Belly goes even though Conrad doesnt want her too. At the party Belly meets a guy and Conrad gets mean so Belly ruins his chance with a girl. Belly and Cam like each other. Pgs.700
  • Cgapters 23-30, Pages 133-193

    Cam and Belly start hanging out and he invites her to a party and Conrad and Jeremiah come to the party because they don't know if they approve. Jeremiah embarasses Belly and Cam at the party and when they leave Conrad almost gets in a fight, and in the car Conrad shows affection to Belly. Later Cam gets invited to their house and they are dating. Then there is flashback to when Belly's friend Taylor kisses Steven and Belly gets mad. Pages:760
  • Chapters 30-44, Pages 193-264

    Cam and Belly start to get very serious and their spending all of their free time together. Jeremiah and Conrad don't really approve of Cam. Next, Belly's birthday and everyone gets her beautiful presents but Conrad forgets. Cam and Conrad's girlfriend come over and the whole time Belly is obsessing over Conrad, which ends Belly and Cam. Next Jeremiah tells Belly he loves her, Belly doesn't feel the same way she tells Conrad how she feels. They all find out that Susanah has breast cancer. 831
  • Chapter 44-46, Pages 264-276

    After they find out about Susanah's breast cancer Belly sleeps with Jeremiah just like old times. Conrad sees Belly leave Jeremiah's room and calls her fake. They fight it out on the beach and they kiss and realize they both do love each other. Belly had finally gotten through to Conrad. After they leave that summer life goes back to normal in their own houses. Conrad and Belly are dating and Conrad drove 1,000 miles to come see her. pgs. 843