MP, A Memoir of Hope By Hope Solo, Non Fiction, Pages 281

  • Chapter 1, Pages 1-20

    Hope Solo is the US National Womens Soccer teams goalie and this is the memoir of her life and her tough journey to the top. This chapter is about her dad who was a con man who was stealing money every chance he got and cheated on Hope's mom, so Hope's mom divorced him. Although he was trouble Hope still loved him and looked up to him so her mom put up with him so she and her brother Marcus could visit him. When Hope was 8 he was put in jail again so she didn't see him for a while. Pages 308
  • Chapter 2, Pages 20-43

    Hope talks about her awful step dad Glenn who had so many rules over them and shot Hope's dog in the head one night when the dog wasn't doing good. Hope's bestfriend Cheryl was by her side through all the choas of Hope's crazy family including her brother who had quite a temper because of his bad childhood experiences with their real dad. Hope and Cheryl met on their select soccer team. On their way to a game their at the grocery store and Hope sees her real dad. Pgs.331
  • Chapters 3/4, Pages 43-53

    Chapter 3 is about Hope seeing her dad at the grocery store before her soccer game, he comes, and after the game Hope finds out he's homeless. Chapter 4 is about all of Hope's offers to play goalie at different colleges, and how she had a target on her back at school because people were jealous about how good at soccer she was and people judged her because of her brothers reputation. A lot of girls tried to tear her down. Pgs. 341
  • Chapter 7/8 Pages 80-103

    7-Hope gets another oppurtunity to play with the Olympic team and while they're playing in China they find out about a bad murder back in Seattle and Hope's dad is being accused. Hope's dad does interviews to try to keep Hope safe and they realize he didn't do it. Hope's dad's friend finds him a place to live. 8-Hope's arm gets caught on a metal hook in the goal and rips it open. She won Pac-10 player of the year in College. Graduated college and went on to professional soccer (WUSA). Pgs.391
  • Chapters 9,10,11, Pages 103-144

    9-Hope gets benched on her professional team so she moved to a Swedish team that improved her goalie skills. 10-Hope has another oppurtunity to play with the National team and they got a new coach who no one felt fit with their team, 11-Hope finds out her dad died and leaves training and a game to grieve with her family. A goalie on her team writes her a letter of support and the whole team plays with black armbands to support him. Pgs.432
  • Chapter 5/6 Pages 53-80

    Chapter 5 is about Hope graduating high school and choosing to go to University of Washington although at first she thought she wanted to move far away from her hometown Richland. Her U18 National soccer team got the gold medal in the Pan-American Tournament. Chapter 6- Hope gets a chance to play with Olympic team but gets turned down.When she got back to college life there was jealousy. Pgs.368
  • Chapter 12/13, Pages 144-165

    12-Hope returns to her team and coach Greg Ryan is so critical of her and says nothing about her dad. Her teammates even noticed how unfair he was treating her. 13-In World Cup game Hope lets in a slippery ball, the game ends in a tie. Hope gets a shut out in England game but that night at the team dinner the Head coach decides he is benching Hope for a old goalie who hasn't had a good game for 3 years and Hope's teammates went behind Hope's back and picked Bri. Pgs. 453
  • Chapter 14, Pages 165-178

    14-Hope sits benched at the Brazil game and watches her team lose the World Cup 4-0. After the game teammates came up to her and said they made the wrong decision which was true because Hope could have made those saves. On the way out she says some things that hurt Bri to a reporter. Her teammates suspend her so she can't go to practice, team diners, go to the 3rd place game, or fly on the same plane as them. They were all mad at Hope except for Hope's friend Carli Lloyd. Pgs.466
  • Chapters 15,16, Pages 178-209

    15-Hope is still hated by teammates but she goes on the victory tour anyway and starts to rebuild some realtionships and she takes mean comments from her teammates. 16-They get new coach Pia Sunhage (who just retired last week). Pia made them get over the drama and star forward Abby Wambach breaks her leg before 2008 Olympics and Hope and Abby become friends again. After a rough start in the Olympics they win gold and Hope proves herself to her team and fans and they are a team again. Pgs.485
  • Chapter 17, Pages 209-224

    17-They celebrate their gold medal win and have redemption over Brazil who beat them in the 2007 World Cup. Everyone finally gets over the drama of the World Cup and Hope and Bri become good with each other again. At the team meeting to discuss payment Bri was getting a lot more money than she should and everyone on the team sticks by Hope when Hope adresses this. Pgs.512
  • Chatpter 18-20, Pages224-253

    18- They try to launch another womens soccer league and it doesn't work out. 19-Hope has surgery on her shoulder because there were muliple tears and she speeds up rehab so she can play in the world cup.Hope also finds out the murder case her dad was accused with has been cleared and he didn't do it. 20- The team is playing great in the World Cup and Hope's shoulder is fine. They are winning every game and then they have to go into penalty kicks and the US advances to finals. Pgs. 541
  • Chapter 21 Pages 253-285

    After the World Cup the Women's soccer team got a ton of publicity. Hope did many interviews and did dancing with the stars and did naked photo-shoots. When she was on Dancing with the stars her partner would hit her and throw her around. The producers asked her if she wanted a new partner but she said no because she didn't want to be the villian again. Hope and Adrian (her bestfriend) are dating and they might get married. Pages 573