Mormon History

By binger
  • Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith
    Founder of Mormonism from a Christian primitivism.
  • Period: to

    Start of Mormonism

    In 1820 Mormonism began officially in New York state to current time frame.
  • Period: to

    Latter Day Saints Movement

    Beginning and end of the Latter Day Saints movement starting to turn religion into Mormonism.
  • Begin Baptizing

    Begin Baptizing
    Joseph Smith and assistants begin baptizing followers.
  • Church of Christ

    Church of Christ
    Officially become known as the Church of Christ
  • Persecuted

    Members folllowing Smith begin to be persecuted in New York and moved to Kirtland, Ohio with the hope of forming a permanent New Jerusalem in Jackson County, Missouri.
  • Period: to


    Smith gradually transformed Mormonism out of Protestant faith.
  • Jackson County

    Jackson County
    Expelled from Jackson County, Missouri.
  • Period: to


    Believed in Polygamy like that of the practice in Illinois. Decreased in interest and use through the end of the 19th century.
  • Period: to

    Mormon War of 1838

    "Mormon Extermination Order", or the expulsion of the Latter Day Saints in Missouri. Move to Nauvoo, Illinois.
  • Kirtland

    Forced to flee Kirtland in 1838.
  • Smith Killed

    Smith Killed
    Smith was killed by the Illinois militia leaving a crisis for Mormons on where to go and who to follow.
  • Follow Bringham Young

    Follow Bringham Young
    Follow Bringham Young to what was then the Utah Territory.
  • Head of Church

    Head of Church
    Church president Wilford Woodruff officially anounced the end to plural marriage.
  • Polygamy

    If Mormons choose to believe in polygamy they will be threatened with excommunication and handled in federal court.
  • Milestone

    Church reaches 1 million members.
  • Name Change

    Name Change
    Change name of church to Community of Christ.