Monsters Inc. Timeline

  • Introduction to Monsters

    Introduction to Monsters
    Exposition - Monsters live in Monstropolis and their job at Monster's Inc is to scare children. The screams from the children create the energy to monster world needs to live.
  • Professional Scarer

    Professional Scarer
    Exposition - Sully and Mike work as a team at Monster's Inc as professional scarers. Mike is Sully's scare assistant. There are many other teams at Monster's Inc. They are always competing for the most scares.
  • Boo!

    Conflict - During a scare, a door was left open and a little girl that Mike and Sully name Boo enters the world. They are very scared of her at first but then realize she is sweet. Sully and Mike take care of her and try to take her back home without anyone noticing.
  • Sully's competition

    Sully's competition
    Action - Randall is Sully's competition and finds out Sully has a little human. Randall turns invisible to catch Sully and Mike.
  • Boo's door

    Boo's door
    Action - Sully and Mike sneak in to find Boo's door in Monsters Inc they dressed up Boo to look like a monster. They find her door but Randall sneaks in.
  • Uh Oh.

    Uh Oh.
    Action - Randall tells Mr. Waternoose that Sully and Mike have a human child. Mr. Waternoose steals the child and throws Sully and Mike into the human world with the Abominable snowman who helped them get home.
  • Safe from Mr. Waternoose

    Safe from Mr. Waternoose
    Climax - Once Mike and Sully make it back to Monstropolis they find Boo and save her from Mr. Waternoose they ran to find Boo's door again and Randall gets tossed through a door to the human world.
  • Goodbye Boo

    Goodbye Boo
    Falling Action - Mr. Waternoose was planning to get rid of Boo but Sully turned him into the Child Detection Agency. Roz who is in charge of the CDA sent Boo back home safe and shredded her door so she could never return.
  • Clean Energy

    Clean Energy
    Resolution - Monsters Inc. Made children laugh instead of scream to help them gain energy for their world.
  • Suprise for Kitty

    Suprise for Kitty
    Resolution - As a surprise, Mike rebuilt Boo's door for Sully. And when Sully opened the door you can hear a little girl's voice say kitty. Boo called Sully "Kitty" the whole movie.