money influences on colonization

  • first english settlers move and look for gold

    the first english settlement wanted to get rich, so they have made a town in the "united states" called jamestown and went looking for gold in virginia
  • Mayflower has moved in massachusetts

    people of england has begun looking for a new place where they could live where they don't have to worry about religion
  • pilgrams had begun growing tobacco, more than 200,000 pounds of it per year

    the pilgrams has begun growing tobacco so that they could use it for more of a cash crop, they thought they will be able to use it to sell to other countries or trade
  • more than 30 million pounds of tobacco was grown per year

    they had begun mass producing tobacco
  • Olympian Fellowship banquet of america's wealthiest men

    some of the most wealthiest men met up to enjoy their riches while lower classes were having trouble
  • People looking for work during the great depression

    since the great depression was going on, there were many people desperate for jobs, getting them was very tough
  • Period: to

    people buying there way to congress

    many individuals have been donating to PAC's (political action comittees) to gain more influence from the government.