Modern Forrest Gump Timeline

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    Modern Forest Gump Timeline

  • The Boom of Apple.

    The Boom of Apple.
    Although founded decades ago, only recently has apple achieved its great success. Apple has become one of the most prevalent businesses in the world in the last decade. They are responsible for mac computers, iPads, and most importantly the iPod. Theses gadgets have taken the world by storm, and have accounted for Apple's economic flourishment; even in the recession. Apple has become important in almost all of our day-to-day lifestyles, and they affect our lives more than most companies.
  • TEXTING!!!

    Texting has become a major part of almost every youth's life. Texting is a feature on a cellular phone, it allows the user to type a message and send it to a friend. This type of communication is very fast, and has allowed for the world to be more easily-socially linked, Texting is a huge part of American culture, and you could not walk through a mall without seeing someone texting. Most people have texted in their lifetime.
  • Desert Storm

    Desert Storm
    The first gulf war. This was a UN response in coalition to an Iraqi attack on Kuwait. Combined with UN forces the United States and Kuwait led a counter attack on Iraq, and took Saddham Hussein out of power. This attack later developed into the current Iraq war.
  • Getzy's Birth

    Getzy's Birth
    This marked the end of the world, and the birth of the antichrist.
  • Homosexual Movement

    Homosexual Movement
    This movement was spurred in reaction to a rising amount of homesexuals in the United States. They have fought for freedom of marriage and acceptance. They also have united in order to resist persecution and prejudice. Today some states allow gay marriage. Homosexuals are still fighting for universal marriage rights.
  • Bush's Election.

    Bush's Election.
    During Bush's run for presidency in 2000, he ran against Al Gore. This is considered a scandalous because Al Gore won the popular vote, and after a recount he had also won the electoral college vote. Bush was still made President. Al Gore was denied presidency because of a failed counting of the ballot, and this is vert scandalous.
  • Ohio State

    Ohio State
    In the past decade Ohio State has been one of the most prestigious football programs in America. They won the national championship in 2002, and have had very good records in every year but that. Troy Smith won the highest honor an individual can win in college football: The Heisman trophy, and he played for Ohio State.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world. It is used to communicate and socialize with your friends via the internet. It can be used to search up old friends or distant family members. Facebook can connect many people, who otherwise wouldn't have a chance to reconnect. Now, 480 people have a facebook. A movie was made about the creator of facebooks struggle.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    One of the most devastating Hurricanes in American history. It struck the very poorly fortified New Orleans and devastated the city. This town lost thousands of lives and a response from the federal govenment came too late. This is one of Bush's biggest criticisms; because it took them so long to help the people or New Orleans. Property damage totaled $81 Billion.
  • Artificial Heart Development

    Artificial Heart Development
    For about 35 years scientists have only been able to use a heart assist, that could help an ailing heart recover from a heart attack. Now, in development is a permanent replacement for a heart. Invented by Alain Carpentier, the artificial heart is now in clinical trials, and should be ready for distribution in the next few years. This is truly a medical marvel, and is a huge step to the future for medicine.
  • H1N1 Disease

    H1N1 Disease
    While not a fatal or incredibly harmful disease; it was spreading like wildfire. H1N1 was a disease that plagued the western hemisphere the past year. It showed many of the symptoms similar to the flu. It was beleived to be carried by swine, and it was dubbed swine flu at first, but this myth was disproven. A vaccine was developed quickly to combat the disease, and allowed the people to place even more faith in the scientists of the world.
  • Billie May's Death

    Billie May's Death
    A very popular figure that appeared in many ads advertising household products. Billie Mays was also the last person who couldv'e stopped Getz.
  • Bettering Iraq Government

    Bettering Iraq Government
    After the attack on the twin towers and the preceding war with Iraq we preceded to implement a new government for Iraq. Just recently an election was held in democratic fashion. New leadership has been able to take power, leadership that is a friend of the United States. This marked the end of war in Iraq, and the war on terror is now focused in Iran, and almost all troops have been pulled from Iraq.
  • Billy May's Ressurection

    Billy May's Ressurection
    The prophesized day of return. This will mark a new era of hope and optimism, because now Getz's tyrranical rule will finally end, and the world will emerge from darkness.