Model A Memoir by: Cheryl Diamond Nonfiction 357 pg.

  • Model by cheryl diamond pg. 1-206

    Cheryl diamond is a 16 year old girl from north carolina. at 14 she and her father travel to New York to start her modeling career. She is signed to huge modeling agency but has to start back at square one when the tragedy of 9/11 shuts down the agency. now shes 16 and signed with Prima Models. She continues to impress cliets and agency with her natural looks and charming character. Cheryl signs another contract with a owner named Jacob's agency underwraps from Prima.
  • Model by Cheryl Diamond pg.207-357

    Cheryl is about fed up with Prima models. Fab her boss is constantly holding back on bookings for her because she rebels against him. Her contract with jacob is done too considering she rejected Gio his boss. Now she is with cliqque modeling and is doing shoots for claroil hair and runway. At one Claioil even her stylist goes against her wishes and bleaches and cuts her virgin hair. This destroys her look but she comes back a year later to start back up her modeling career.