Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins, Fiction, 458

  • 1-23

    Katniss is in the ruins of district twelve and walks around seeing all the dead bodies and finding a rose in the bedroom of her old house which scares her.
  • 23-83

    Katniss returns to district 13 which is still alive and living underground. she gets food and clothes and really boring stuff not much really goes on.
  • 83-102

    Katniss sees a broadcast of Peeta saying that there should be a ceasefire between the capitol and district 13. She is just relieved to see him alive.
  • 102-134

    Katniss agrees to be district 13's symbol of rebellion only if President Coin agrees to give Peeta imunity for anything he said or does that may harm district 13. She also gets to hunt outside in the woods with gale again
  • 134-166

    KAtniss recieves a special bow and goes to district 8 to do propos and broadcast information and signs of rebellion to the capitol. she shoots down a few of the capitol's aircraft and yalls at the camera about taking President Snow down.
  • 166-200

    KAtniss freaks out about having Peeta back that district 13 sends a rescue team to take him out of the capitol. When he gets back he tries to strangle katniss to daeth
  • 200-247

    They all find out that Peeta has been hijacked by th capitola dn is going crazy. they try to find ways to bring him back to the way he was but nothing works. meanwhile katniss is trying to help out people in district 2
  • 262-287

    Finnick and Annie get married and Katniss goes to see Peeta in the hospital where he is kept to keep him from killing katniss.
  • 287-328

    Katniss starts military training to go into the capitol for battle. She learns to shoot her gun and take it apart and rebuld in and is finally cleared to fight.
  • 328-359

    Katniss goes to the capitol with her squad to fight. While in the capitol Boggs gets his legs blown off and they lose two other soldiers because of the capitol's traps.
  • 359-388

    The group goes down to the sewers to avoid the traps of from the upper streets. They are chased by a group of mutations where they lose Finnick, Jackson and a few other soldiers. Katniss blows up the mutations with the Holo that Boggs gave her.
  • 388-414

    The remaining people alive from the squad takes refuge in the house of a capitol citizen and rest to make a plan to sneak into the capitol and kill president snow. when they leave to do it the rebels appear and kill capitol citizens and soldiers. Bombs go off and Katniss' little sister, Prim, dies.
  • 414-458

    The Capitol is taken over by rebels and Katniss is the one who gets to kill president Snow. on the day of the execution, Katniss shoots president coin instead and is taken to prison where she tries to starve herself to death. she is released because she is mentally unstable and is sent home to district 12. Peeta helps her make a book remembering all the people that she has seen die. Peeta and Katniss get married and have two kids. The End