Mockingjay by: Suzanne Collins, Fiction, 503 pages

  • Pages 1-47

    After Catniss was recued from the arena in the last hunger games book, she was moved to the new rebel command center deep underneath the surface of district 13. President Coin, the leader of the rebels and district 13 wants Catniss to be the Rebels MockingJay which is just short for propoganda against the capitol. After alot of coaxing, Catniss decides to become the Mockingjay
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  • Pages 48-98

    Beetee, the brains of the Rebels, designed Catniss and Gale, Catniss's friend new weapons to be used against the Capitol and to show the rebles strength. Cinna, Catniss's old stylist who is now assumed dead, made Catniss a MockingJay suit before he was killed in anticipation of her becoming a rebel. Catniss also learns that her Lover, Peeta has been taken captive by the capitol and is being used as there own piece of propaganda.
  • Pages 99-151

    Catniss's first mission is to do a propaganda piece in what remains of district 8, which is just a hospital full of wounded and a few rebel bunkers made out of sandbags. When Capitol bombers attempt to blow up the hospital, Catniss and Gale are able to shoot down a few bombers before the hospital is destroyed. But overall, Catniss is able to produce a great propaganda piece. Back in 13, Catniss witnisses in Peetas last interview he looks restless and somewhat tortured.
  • Pages 152-196

    Peeta, on live telivision, was able to warn the people of 13 to get into a safe place just before bunker bombs dropped on 13. The entire district was saved because of peetas actions and Peeta was brutally punished for it. Catniss is very worried about Peeta because of what he has done.
  • Pages 197-260

    The rebles are able to recue Peeta and a few others from the Capitol. But when Peeta confronts Catniss, he attemps to kill her because of the Capitols attempt of coaxing Peeta into thinking Catniss is evil. While scientists work on Peetas rehiblitation, Catniss is assigned to the mission of retaking district two which is a strong allie of the capitol. Gale devises a plan to retake the district.
  • Pages 261-312

    After Gales plan works to take district 2, Catniss is sent back to 13 where she learns that Peeta has not gotten to much better and President Coin threatens that Catniss will not be able to participate in the fight against the capitol because of injuries she sustained in two and that 13 needs her alive. Catniss becomes very angry and begins rehabilitation and soldier training immediatly.
  • Pages 313-337

    After CAtniss passes into a sharshooting squad with Gale, she is shipped off to a rebel base camp right outside of the Capitol. But evewryone is supprised when a armed Peeta shows up with his squad ready to take part in the fight. Catniss recieves the notion that Coin thinks Catniss is better off dead then alive
  • Pages 338-418

    On a propaganda mission to take a block in the capitol, a mine goes off a causes a whole chain events including a mass of tar killing 2 of the squad members and the rest of the squad going on a rougue mission to kill the enemys commander, president Snow. after a chase for several blocks and through the metro tunnels, only 5 squad members remain and the rebel army has started to push forward through the capitol.
  • Pages 419-456

    The rebles take the capitol by dropping bombs both on there own men and the capitals army but by use of a capitol plane which caused all people allied with the capitol toturn against there own. The explosions injured all of Catniss's squad along with killing her sister. Snow has been puit under custody and Coin is the new leader of Panem.
  • Pages 457-503(end)

    Catniss executes president Snow in front of Panem. After a few months of staying in the capitol, Catniss resides to district 12 for the rest of her life. The hunger games were abolished and Catniss marries Peeta and has 2 kids in the peaceful Country of Panem.
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