Mobile phones

By kam331
  • First call on mobile phones

  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    articleFirst eve handheld phone
  • Nokia Mobira Talkmen

  • car phone

  • first camera phone

  • iPhone

  • Unerversal phone

    the phone can now be a romote that can control anything in the house or at your workplace
  • iPhone+Mac=MacPhone

    MacPhone has been released making it the first, computer phone in history.
  • iphone+iTV=iTVPhone

    iTVPhone is the first phone on a computer, it enables you to make calls from your tv
  • last apple phone

    Today the day were apple stops making phone, as you may know apple is one of the galaxies leading phone and entertainment manufactures, but now they have come out saying that they are closing down for good, it is said they closed done because they have no more ideas left and all the inspiration is gone, many fans are devastated with the news saying that, “We might never buy a phone again, because apple is just the best around and nothing can beat it”. Also a lot of people are rushing in now to b
  • new phone company and the hologram phone

    It is official, new phones are coming out, a company by the name of Ant Corp has created a new generation of smart phones, they call it, aCall. The aCall has been under procedure and planning ever since Apple released that they are closing down. The aCall is an evolution from the over phones including way more features and a lot of people are suspecting that this company will be better than Apple. The features include a variety of calling systems including the basic voice call and text but now t
  • aCall hologram phones are now in colour

    Back then, the hologram in the aCall phones were just plane blue, but now it is in full colour, an even in UOHD, Ultra Omega High Definition, which basically makes the holograms look realistic, this made aCall fans very excited and people are sleeping in front of there aComps getting ready to order their very own copy of the new extra Einstein Hawking smart phone. But do be warned, with the price of this phone is now 7000 terros, because do to the fact of the technology in this phone, usually ho
  • Phones can now call to differnet planets.

    On this very day, the first call to a different planet happened, the first words were “Is it working?” , the reason of this was because the Ceo of Ant Corp, Sir Anthony Kamleh XV, dropped the new aCall Over 9000 on the floor. The call was made to the Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy, Ausgeo the Brains. This technological break through is very beneficial to people who have loved ones move to different planets and moons for work. The new aCall over 900 is basically it’s very own satellite, the pho
  • phone chips in money disk

    phone chips have been installed into money disk, turning money disk into phones
  • Period: to

    Phone connectivity turns bad

    since the cyber war the phone connectivity has lowered make phones nearly useless
  • mind screen phone

    The new mobile phone by Ant Corps is one of the most selling of its kind, even out dating the monumental iPhone by Apple. It implements a mind screen feature which allows you to connect it to your mind to control it which is remarkable because communicating with family and friends is now hassle free, and hands free you can evan access it without you holding it as well, so now you don’t need to worry if you left it at home. Some people say that it shouldn’t be called a phone but a high tech compu