MK- Night - Elie Wiesel- fiction- 115 pages

  • 1-23

    The book introduces Eliezer, the narrator, who is a twelve-year-old boy living in the Transylvanian town of Sighet. His parents are shopkeepers, and his father is highly respected within Sighet’s Jewish community. Talks about the Germans occupying Hungary in spring of 1944, and that they would soon move to Sighet. total (23)
  • 23-46

    Talks about the intensity of the way jews were being treates. A woman was gaged only for screaming because of a fire she saw outside. The jews are told that they are being taken to a safe place and will stay with their families. However when they arive, the only thing they smell is burning flesh. (23)
  • 46-84

    Eliezer meets Juliek, a Jewish violinist, and the brothers Yosi and Tibi. Eliezer then is taken to the dentist to have his gold crown removed. Idek, the Kapo in charge of Eliezer’s work crew, beats Eliezer out of the bloom. Soon the Nazi's begin hanging any men who tried to steal anything. total (48)
  • 84-115

    The prisoners are evacuated, and if anyone stopped running at a certain pace, they'd be shot. Elieser and his father are running as people behind them are trampled. They continue to a shack with a caved in roof, and rest there. They both refuse to sleep because of the fate they know will happen. They both are not eager to die. At last, the exhausted prisoners arrive at the Gleiwitz camp. Eventually Eliezer's father dies and he Eliezer feels relief. (31)