MK, Everlost, Neal Shusterman, Fiction, 310 pages

  • Pages 1-49

    The beginning introduces the main characters, Nick and Ally who get in a really brutal car crash. They both dont survive the crash but it doesn't mean that their soals are gone. They are stuck in a forest as ghosts. FICTION Pages 1-49 toatl (49)
  • 49-67

    Allie and Nick meet up with another soal in the forest, where Allie names him Lief. Soon after they meet up with a bunch of other children who also are stuck between life and death. FICTION: Pages 49-67 total (18)
  • 67-93

    Nicky and Allie both met face to face with the monster, McGill and he attacked one of them. They got away by Lief saving them. They definitely we're lucky to have as good of a friend as Lief was. FICTION: 67-93 Total (26)
  • 93- 136

    Lief started getting addicted to pacman and what Allie and Nick call him "The Pac Man Junky". Allie Went and demanded Hulter to set her friends free. FICTION: Pages 93-136 (43)
  • 136-175

    The Haunter is teaching all of the children how to haunt the living and MeGill didn't want to get involved with that, so he started trying to get rid of all the soals. Nick met up with MeGill again and MeGill told them about all of the lies from the haunter. FICTION: Pages 138-175 Total (37)
  • 175-232

    A girl named Mary began to sink down in a boat and was trying to scream for help. No one heard her and she died. When she met up with Allie as a new soal she had no idea what was going on and was completely freaking out. Mary calmed her down and turns out that Mary is a very strong soal. FICTON: 175-232 Total (57)
  • 232-288

    Allie was being forced into marrige with McGill and noticed that Nick was hiding behind her wedding dress. They talked about what would happen in all of the other soal kids caught him in there. McGill found out that Allie didn't want to marry him and therefore he decided to not force her into it anymore. FICTION: Pages 232-288 total (35)
  • 288-310

    The story ended with Allie leaving Everlost at first, McGill went into a guy named Mikey's body and got back into a relationship with Allie. FICTION: Pages 288-310 total (22)