mining boom

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    mining boom

  • Gold

    Prospectors found gold near Pikes Peak, California. this started an economic boom and thousands of people flocked to where there was gold.
  • Silver

    Prospectors in Virgina City, Nevada, discovered silver. With the mass rush over west a lot of the miners kaeft with nothing.

    Miners as far north as the Fraser River valley of british columbia. Russia owned Alaska at this time.

    William H. Seward negotiated with Russia for the purchase of Alaska. Seward thought that the purchase was a good deal but many americans thought other of the purchase. They thought that Alaska was a waste of money and held no value.
  • Masked Men

    A mob of masked men drove the Chinese inhabitants of Rico, Colorado, out of town. This made a lot of the Chinese leave the Rocky Mountain camps.
  • Violence

    The compition led to violence at the camps.
    This violence led to discriminartion of many Europeans.

    Prospectors found gold in Canadas
  • $1 Million

    Prospectors discovered gold in the Klondike district of Canada's Yukon territory. This discovery started the Klondike gold rush.
  • Mining Companies

    Mining was a large task for mining companies. The companies effected the landscape and enviorment of the west.
  • Settlers

    The discoveries of gold in Alaska had attracted more settlers in the areas.