Mindless Self Indulgence

  • The start of MSI

    The start of MSI
    Lead singer Jimmy Urine was joined by Steve Righ?, Mark Euringer, and Kitty
  • First record label

    First record label
    Sign to uppity cracker
  • Markus gets replaced

    Markus gets replaced
    Markus is kicked and gets replaced by Vanessa YT
  • Tight

    first album tight released
  • franken girl will seem strangely sexy

    franken girl will seem strangely sexy
    the second album they released shortly after this was released they kicked vanessa
  • welccome Lyn-Z

    welccome Lyn-Z
    Lyn-Z was " The Chosen One" she got the part after auditioning for Vanessa's part
  • Vanessa gets booted

    Vanessa gets booted
    Vanessa got cut after two years
  • you'll rebel to anything

    you'll rebel to anything
    Third album and one of their largest almums
  • If

    Their most popular album and one of their latest

    This is the latest album but this is very unique they actuall used a kickstarter campaign to fund this album which started october 25 reached its goal dec. 24 and was released by metroplis records on march 13 2013 they have been on hiatus ever since