Middle Colonies

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  • The Starting of the Middle Colonies

    The Starting of the Middle Colonies
    The Middle colonies started around the1600's. ( exact date not known. )
  • Duke of York Sending Settlers to New York

    Duke of  York Sending Settlers to New York
    New York was the first Middle colony colony.The people that started the first colony in the Middle colonies was the Dutch sent by the Duke of York. He was really the one that sent the people/settlers to live in the Middle colonies. P.S. The Duke of York was the king's brother, later called king James ll. ( exact date not known. )
  • New York Birth

    New York Birth
    New York was founded in 1626 by Peter Minuit and Peter Stuy vesant. ( exact date not known. )
  • Delaware Birth

    Delaware Birth
    Delaware was founded in March 1638 by Peter Minuit a Dutch. ( exact date not known. )
  • New Jersey Birth

    New Jersey Birth
    New Jersey was founded by Lord Berkeley and George Carteret in 1664. ( exact date not known. )
  • The New Jersey Agreement

    The New Jersey Agreement
    In 1665, the Concession and Agreement was written in an effort to entice settlers to New Jersey. ( exact date not known. )
  • William Pen's New Land

    William Pen's New Land
    King Charles ll granted the land for the Pennsilvania colony to William Penn on March 4, 1681 as payment for a debt the crown owed his family.
  • Pennsilvania Birth

    Pennsilvania Birth
    Pennsilvania was founded in March 4, 1681 by William Penn and other quakers.
  • Uniting the Jerseys

    Uniting the Jerseys
    On April 15, 1702 Queen Anne united west and east Jersey into one royal colony,the province of New Jersey.
  • Bread Basket Colonies

    Bread Basket Colonies
    Pennsilvania became a leading exporter on wheat, corn, rye, and flax making it the leading food producer in the colonies, and later states, between the years of 1725- 1840.Because of the large grain exports resulting from this soil, the colonies became to be known as the ''Bread Basket'' colonies. ( exact date not known. )