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  • microscope invention

    first microscope ever invented by three eyeglass makers
  • Period: to

    microscope inventions

    These are just some microscopes invented over some time
  • second microscope built

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek used a simple microscope with only one lens to look at blood, insects and lots of other objects.
  • microscopes get technical

    this micrope is more technicle so it makes it easier and better to use.
  • Scanning electron microscope

    this scanning electron microscope scans what you are looking at and takes a picture.
  • The Electron Microscope

    this microscope lets people see the fine details inside and outside of cells, small creatures and many other things.
  • confocal scanning microscope

    the confocal microscope was invented by marvin minsky. it is good for obtaning high-obtical images.
  • Optical microscope

    this microscope is most simplest but is most affective and most used
  • The Microscope Today

    the microscopes today can identify over 400x what we can see