• Mar 6, 1475


    -michleangelo was born march 6, 1475 in caprese Italy
  • Mar 4, 1481


    Michleangelos mother died when he was at the age of six so he was placed with a family that were stone cutters. He said "With my wet-nurse's milk, I sucked in the hammer and chisels I use for my statues."
  • Mar 4, 1488

    Starting off

    -Michleangelos father realized that he did not want to be a part of the family buisness so he enrolled him in a work shop and it was there where michles talent was found
  • Mar 4, 1492

    First Sculpture

    -Michelangelo's earliest sculpture, the Battle of the Centaurs (mythological creatures that are part man and part horse), a stone work created when he was about seventeen
  • Mar 4, 1494

    Earliest surviving large scale work

    -He carved a Bacchus for a banker's garden of ancient sculpture. This is Michelangelo's earliest surviving large-scale work, and his only sculpture meant to be viewed from all sides.
  • Mar 4, 1505

    start of pope julius the 2nd tomb

    -Michleangelo started the ceiling of Pope Julius 2 tomb
  • Mar 4, 1508

    Start of the sistine chapel

    -He started the sistine chapel in 1508. While in the middle of painting he had to completly restart it because of an infectious fungus growing on the plaster.
  • Mar 4, 1512


    -Michleangelo commisioned to carve hercules but never finished it
  • Mar 4, 1534

    Carved tombs for the medici family

    He carved tombs for the Medici family, and designed Medici Chapel in Florence
  • Mar 4, 1541

    Last Judgement

    -The last judgement was on the far wall on the sistine chaple. This sculpture was a nude one. This caused a conflict because the people thought that it was innaproprite for a holy place
  • Mar 4, 1545

    archetecture and painting

    -in 1545 archetecure and painting were what michleangelo completly devoted himself to
  • Mar 4, 1546


    -in 1545 archetecure and painting were what michleangelo completly devoted himself to
  • Mar 4, 1550


    -Michelangelo's sculpture after 1545 was limited to two Pietàs that he executed for himself. The first one, begun in 1550 and left unfinished, was meant for his own tomb.
  • Mar 4, 1555

    2nd Pieta

    -He began the Rondanini Pietà in Milan in 1555, while he was working on it years later he died
  • Feb 5, 1564


    On 5 February 1564 Michelangelo began to feel unwell, dying on the 18 of the same month, at the age of 89.