Michael jackson

Michael Jackson

  • Birth

    Micheal Jackson was born in Gary Indiana.
  • Period: to

    Michael Joseph Jackson

  • Sister Janet Damita Jo is born.

  • Jackson 5 was introduced to the music industry.

  • Michael Jackson's first album came out. "Got to be There"

  • Jackson cancels his world concert tour, citing addiction to painkillers and need for treatment.

  • Marries Lisa Marie Presley, the daugther of Elvis Presley

  • Presley files for divorce after less than two years of marriage.

  • Jackson marries nurse Debbie Rowe.

  • Rowe gives birth to son Prince Michael

  • Rowe gives birth to daugther Paris Michael Katherine

  • Rowe divorces Jackson, with Jackson getting full custody of the children in the settlement

  • warrant issued for Jackson's arrest on several counts of child molestation

  • Death