Meriwether Lewis

  • William Clark was born

  • Meriwether Lewis was born

    Born in Virginia
  • Moves to Georgia

    When he moved, he became neighbors with Thomas Jefferson
  • Graduated from Liberty Hall

  • Period: to

    Meriwether Lewis served in the Fronier Army

    Exact dates not known
  • Period: to

    Meriwether Lewis is promoted to the rank of Captain in the Frontier Army.

    Dates are estimated.Real Dates not known.
  • Thomas Jefferson appoints Lewis as secretary to him

  • Period: to

    Large Boat, that will be used for the expedition is constructed

    Large boat was constructed in Pittsburgh, which was overseen by Lewis himself. After construction Lewis rides it down the Ohio River, stopping by to pick up Clark and other recruits.
  • Clark joins the Lewis and Clark expedition

  • Public Announcement of Louisiana Purchase

    This is the land which Lewis and Clark will be exploring
  • Period: to

    Camp Wood is built

    Camp Wood, in St.Louis is the camp where Lewis, Clark and their recruits will stay for the winter.
  • Official Start of the expedition

  • Names Independence Creek

    He named it this because it was Independence day.
  • Gifts are presented to Oto and Missouri Indians in return for peace

  • Floyd's River and Bluff are named

    They are named this because a sergeant in their army named Floyd died, and he was buried here.
  • Friendly Council with Yankton Sioux

  • Sacagewea and French translator hired

    Toussaint Charbonneau, a French Canadian fur trapper, is hired as an interpreter. His wife, Sacagawea, a Shoshone who had been captured by the Hidatsa Indians and sold to Charbonneau helps out also.
  • Build Fort Mandan

    This was their winter home
  • Lewis and a hunter kill a bear and name it as a new species

  • Reach Missouri River

    Lewis and Sacaewea scout ahead and find Shoshone Indians
  • Trade with Shoshone Indians

    Aquire 29 horses and a mule
  • Reaches Columbia River

  • President Jefferson meets with Indians Leaders that Lewis made treaties with

  • Lewis and Clark are told to be warned

    The other party that is also part of the Expedition is ambushed by Indians
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark are considered National Heroes

    They return to Washington, D.C. The men receive double pay and 320 acres of land as reward, the captains got 1,600 acres. Lewis is named governor of the Louisiana Territory.
  • Reach St.Louis

  • Lewis commits suicide in a city south of Nashville

  • Clark Dies