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Memoirs of a Geisha

By linhmii
  • Chiyo & Sastu

    Chiyo & Sastu
    Chiyo and her sister, Satsu, were taken away by Mr. Tanaka and then to be sold as servant girls in geishas' houses to Mr. Bekku. When they arrived to Gion (a Geisha's street in Kyoto), Mr. Bekku sperated Chiyo and Satsu.
  • Period: to

    Sayuri (Chiyo)'s lifetime

  • The Pain

    The Pain
    Chiyo met her sister and both came up with an idea to run away from Gion. However, Chiyo failed to complete it. She broke her arm and was no longer permitted to continue schooling. Chiyo was forced to become a servant. She also got a package from Mr. Tanaka, with a letter that informed Chiyo of her parents' death, as well as her sister's successful escape with Satsu's boyfriend.
  • The Deal

    The Deal
    Sastu came to Okiya (a house's name where Chiyo was living) to meet her younger sister (Chiyo). However, Chiyo wasn't there so Sastu met Hatsumono (the only one Geisha in the house). Sastu told Hastumono her address and asked her to let Chiyo came over. When Chiyo got home, Hatsumono mentioned about Satsu came to Okiya. Hatsumono said to Chiyo if Chiyo pleased her, Hatsumono would tell her about Satsu's address.
  • The Punishment

    The Punishment
    Hatsumomo brought back a friend. They forced Chiyo to draw on Mameha's kimono and brought it to that her home. The next morning, Chiyo was accused of damaging the kimono, even though Mother and Aunty knew it was Hatsumomo's fault they still beat Chiyo real hard. After the punishment, Hatsumono told Chiyo about her sister's address.
  • The Goal

    The Goal
    On the way back to house, Chiyo met Chairman, who gave her a coin to buy herself shaved ice, and also gave her his handkerchief. Chairman was very nice to her. From that moment, Chiyo decided to become a geisha as a hope that one day, she would be able to meet Chariman again.
  • The Patient

    The Patient
    Mameha (a very famous Geisha in that time) met Chiyo. She really liked Chiyo so she informed mother of how much she wanted to have Chiyo as an apprentice for becoming a geisha. The mother accepted. Chiyo studied real hard, for instance: how she put kimono and make up on, how she should tie her hair and how to she entertain all the clients perfectly and other skills.
  • The Ceronomy

    The Ceronomy
    Mameha and Chiyo finally performed a ceremony as they became 'sisters', Mameha named Chiyo with a new name, "Sayuri" - a new young Maiko.
  • The Debut

    The Debut
    Mameha took Sayuri to meet her clients and friends as to introduce Sayuri the new maiko. The debut dance was perfectly performed.
  • The Famous Performance

    The Famous Performance
    On the way back from Baron's party, Sayuri noticed she was drawn on a poster for the famous dance show. When show started, Sayuri beautifully performed.
  • The Virginity

    The Virginity
    As to become a full Geisha, Sayuri had to sell her virgin to a man. Because Sayuri is a pretty and talented girl, 2 men wanted to take her virgin which were Dr. Crab and Baron (Mameha's danna). In the end, Sayuri's virgin was sold for Dr. Crab with the highest price in Gion. Both Mameha and Mother were pleased so Mother decided to apdopt Sayuri which ruined Pumpkin's (Sayuri's friend) both hope and goal.
  • Sayuri's danna

    Sayuri has performed a ceremony of tying bonds with General Tottori, so now he became her official 'danna', and she pleased him in intimate ways.
  • World War II

    World War II
    With Sayuri's danna help, they didn't follow the new rules which was giving away their goods to soldiers. However, since General Tottori was taken into custody all their stuffs were given away. Moreover, the Government announced the Gion will be closed. Sayuri had no choice but asked for Nobu's help. Nobu said that he found a perfect spot for her living. Sayuri lived in a small village and survived by selling kimono (making kimono).
  • The Misunderstanding

    The Misunderstanding
    Sayuri didn't want Nobu to become her danna so she came up with an idea and asked for Pumpkin's help. After the breakfast, Sayuri slept with the Minister with intentions of Nobu seeing her in the act. But when she was doing it, Pumpkin, who was supposed to bring Nobu, brought Chairman instead.
  • Once Again

    Once Again
    The world war 2 ended in 1945, many people died. Nobu visited Sayuri and told her to come back to Gion. Nobu also asked Sayuri to become her danna, but only if Sauyuri help his company by entertaining the Minister of Finances. Sayuri accepted. During the party, there were Pumpkin, Mameha, Chairman, Nobu, Minister and herself. Everything went smoothly. Because Sayuri was so pretty and talented at dancing, the Minister wanted to become her danna, however Nobu rejected it.
  • The Solution

    The Solution
    Sayuri went to a private party and waited for Nobu for a long time. Suddenly Chairman came and said he told to Nobu about what happened between herand Minister, so Nobu was so angry and didn't want to see Sayuri anymore. After having a deep talk, they both realised that they loved each other. Chairman became her danna and they had a son. Sayuri together with her son and Chairman, they moved to America and built a tea-house where Sayuri would greet her friends from Japan.
  • Memoirs of a Geisha

    Memoirs of a Geisha
    During those years they lived together, her husband died peacefully. Sayuri decided to share her life story which started when she was taken away from her parents.