Melissa- Mirabai

By cnruncw
  • 1547 BCE

    It's still unsolved...

    It's still unsolved...
    Princess Mira's death was not expected and no one was prepared. Mira had been going through a lot and went to the holy temple of Krishna and magically went away....
  • 1521 BCE

    Heartbreak? I think not

    Heartbreak? I think not
    Glory given to her sacred gods her husband passed from the recent war. As a great leader he wanted to help his country but died trying..
  • 1498 BCE


    Born in a small chaukari village in Merta, Rajasthan
  • Period: 1498 BCE to

    Born- Tv show ended

  • Apr 25, 1516

    Just Married!

    Just Married!
    She didn't want to. Princess meera got married to the Prince of Mewar. The marriage was already planned out so there was no backing out.
  • BROADWAY! Lol not yet

    BROADWAY! Lol not yet
    This would be known as the "Original" or otherwise the first movie that was put out about her works and life style. It was a hit! Unfortunately not everyone liked it....
  • Uhh finally?

    Uhh finally?
    Mira's work was finally displayed and putout for her greatness. Many people didn't understand why so late
  • Broadway please i'm begging you

    Broadway please i'm begging you
    Of course us humans we always have to re make something! This movie was put using the same title but just a remake of the first.

    All these movies and it just had to be a musical right? Well congrats. This musical in the title "The Lover" which was inspired on mira's lover life. Which is not very fantastic but everyone likes white lies right?
  • Wow TV

    Wow TV
    Now she is gone. What more to represent her than a TV show? This TV show lasted from 2009-2010. What do you think the title is? "Meera"
  • A gift of a lifetime

    A gift of a lifetime
    After mira got this doll instead of going into the holy temple she praised this doll which her family hated