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  • Meeting Wall-E

    Meeting Wall-E
    This is the beginning of the movie when we meet wall-e for the first time and see him and him life, and that hes a little robot living on earth, made for cleaning up trash.
  • Trash around the world

    Trash around the world
    We see that wall-e is a cleaning bot and it's his job to clean up the world because it filled with trash, he is the only one left of his kind and the other are powered off from natural disasters.
  • Wall-E meets Eve

    Wall-E meets Eve
    Wall-E finds a little red dot on the ground and decides to follow it when it starts moving, the dot ends up leading to a spaceship leading to a different robot named Eve, which would end up being his new crush.
  • Getting inside the ship

    Getting inside the ship
    When eve finds the plant she is sent back to the ship, but Wall-E does not want her to leave, so he holds on to the ship as it takes of back to the, Axiom.
  • Captain near the plant

    Captain near the plant
    Once the plant has been sent to the captain, the auto pilot disposes of the plant by trying to send it back to earth on a escape pod. but Wall-E and eve retrieve it in space and get it back in the ship.
  • Cance in space

    Cance in space
    When Wall-E was sent out on space pod with the plant, he accidentally pressed the self destruct button, but survived, and after that him and Eve danced in the empty void of space celebrating him.
  • Garbage

    When the plant gets back inside the ship and show to the captain again, it's thrown down the garbage shoot along with Wall-E so Eve saves the two.
  • Plant in port

    Plant in port
    The auto pilot and the captain get in a fight causing the ship to turn 45% one way making Eve and Wall-E loose the plant, and Eve needs to hurry Wall-E is getting crushed by the port they need to put the plant in.
  • Space travel

    Space travel
    Once Wall-E had been crushed to keep the port from closing, where they needed the plant to go, Eve got the plant in stopping Wall-E from getting crushed more, and allowing them to travel at the speed of light back home.
  • Fixed but broken

    Fixed but broken
    Once they have landed on earth Eve rushes a very broken Wall-E to his little hunt to get parts to fix him, but once shes fixed him hes not the same, he has non of him memory's, making him a blank slate, but once she held his hand all his memory's came back.