Medical Advancements

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  • Telehealth Dr. Visits

    Telehealth Dr. Visits
    Is using technology communication devices to use as health care services. Alexander Graham invented one of the first ones in 1876. It has been able to keep patience monitored and safe in the comfort of their home.
  • Laser Surgery

    Laser Surgery
    Type of surgical procedure that uses light beams instead of medical instruments. Dr. Theodore invented the first laser; The Ruby Laser which was invented in the late 1900's. More treatment options became available for patients, including LASIK eye surgery; a well-known laser eye surgery that gave people the ability to see in 20/20 vision.
  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality
    Various digital technology used to improve everyday medicine. The first of it was seen in 1980 from Steve Mann. In the world of medicine, it has improved in surgery, education, diagnoses, and decrease detection.
  • Anti-Smoking Laws

    Anti-Smoking Laws
    It is a legal law that prohibits or limits the use of smoking. In 1990, a city in California was one of the first in the world to ban smoking (at as certain extent.) Now, smoking isn’t as frequent as it once was. People are more educated in the risks and second-hand smoke isn’t as common.
  • Humane Genome Project

    Humane Genome Project
    Is a project that research the human DNA to complete the understanding and map of our genetic code. HGP was international, Alfred Sturtevant was the one who first created a gene map. The HGP has gave us a better understanding with our genes, which in turn gave scientists and doctors better data and tools for diagnosis and treatment options for people with genetic diseases. The project begun in the 1986-7, and completed in April of 2003.
  • 23 and Me

    23 and Me
    A test that uses saliva to report genetic information including potential health risks, ancestor origins, and other carrier statuses. Company’s founders are Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, and Paul Cusenza. It has helped people become more aware of the potential diseases they might inherit.
  • Synthetic Cells

    Synthetic Cells
    Is the closest man-kind has come to replicating an eukaryotic cell. This cell was developed by scientists of J. Craig Venter using a bacteria cell. It is said that this research can alter DNA of bacteria, which can be dangerous. But again, the benefits can be used. It can be used to create medicines, clean water, and more.
  • Gene Editing

    Gene Editing
    Is when DNA is genetically modified (remove/insert) in a specific part of a genome. The first tool was invented by an American scientists, Feng Zhang. One of the most well-known cases is the first genetically modified twins (2018) were born, their gene edited to be immune to the HIV virus. This has been controversial in the science community.
  • Seizure Stoppers

    Seizure Stoppers
    A tool used to prevent/stop seizures, mainly from Epilepsy. A common or latest device is the RNS Stimulator. The device is created by the NeuroPace company. It is the first brain implant that can be used to treat epilepsy. Many people are diagnosed with epilepsy, and at times the medications can fail, this can be a new treatment option.
  • Bionic Eyes

    Bionic Eyes
    They are basically are eye prosthetics. They are invented by Dr. Mark Humayun. It has helped people who lost their vision from disease.This is a huge step that allows some people to be able to at least walk around with out using a cane of a guide dog.