Media through the Time

  • 2011 | New Age

    2011 | New Age
    In this times, I was around 5 years old, I remember using a computer and play games.
  • 2013 | New Age

    2013 | New Age
    2 years later, I remember my parents made me a Facebook ccount around this time. That Facebook was managed by them because i was too young. So, in this times i experienced using the internet.
  • 2019 | New Age

    I just turned 13 that year, phones, laptop, and computers are very popular. I remember borrowing my parent's phone just so i could watch on Youtube.
  • 2021 | New Age

    Pandemic happened and we can only rely on the internet to communicate. Distance Learning or Online Class is what we used to study. I remember having a hard time during these times but i managed to survived during the pandemic.
  • 2024 | New Age

    2024 | New Age
    At the present time, Internet and Social Media now holds a big part on my life. It entertains me, I communicate with it, and we can even use it to study and work.