McDaniel - 2 Sebastian s.

By sds4967
  • Nov 20, 1507

    Discovery of America

    There is still a debate of who discovered America ( Amerigo or Christopher Colmbus ). It was discovered in the year of 1507, acording to many records today. We still celebrate Christopher Columbus day as an impact on us.
  • The Boston tea party

    The Boston tea party took place in Boston Massachusetts a group of colonists boarded a ship of tea disguised and threw all the tea into the ocean. That impacted our ccountry by demanding independence that we still enjoy today.
  • Wright brothers

    The Wright brothers gigantic flying machines had a humble beginning in the 1900 by 2 genises known as the Wright brothers (Orvill and Willber Wright). Today we are effected by them by the Wright brothers because air planes are one of our largest transtportations today.
  • Sebastian S.

    My name is Sebastian and I am 11 years old. I like to play out side, play video games and also like to catch animals and pet them, and somtimes keep them as my pets, and when I grow up I want to work with animals.
  • Gearge W bush

    George W. Bush was our first president in the U.S. On 9/11 a terorist attack happened, and two planes crashed into the twin towers in New York City. This impacted the U.S by every 9/11 we thank our military, and remember the loss of many lives and heroes.
  • Barock Oboma

    In 2008 presedential elections began. The top two contenders were Barock Oboma and john McCan. Barack Obama one and he was the first African American president in history. It made an impact on American history because during his term Osamma Binladin was cought.