(MB) Private, Kate Brian, Fiction [227 pages]

  • 47-144 pages

    In this section of Private, Reed Brennan has been shipped off to Easton Academy. Where she meets the Billings Girls. The most popular, intellegent, and confident girls on campus. And they decied to take her in a an "aprentice". Yet everyone who wants to be them all turn their backs on her except, Thomas Pearson. Her crush... (97 pages) [total:114 pages]
  • 115-145 pages

    Thomas and Reed have now become together. Thay are a typical couple, but Reed can't have both the Billings Girls and Thomas. She is then forced to choose between the two. (30 pages) [total pages: 145]
  • 146-227 pages

    Reed finds out that Thomas is a drug dealer, and an angry drunk, when she is invited to a party. Thomas then hurts her in his drunken rage. And the Billings Girls come to her rescue. After this event Thomas runs away. A girl in the Billings House is caught cheating and is kicked out of Easton Academy for good. Thus allowing Reed to be allowed into Billings House.
    END OF BOOK. (pages 146-227) [total pages: 227]