Nasa 2

Matthew's NASA timeline

By mllison
  • Toys in space

    Toys in space
    space shuttle Discovery carried the first 11 toys into orbit on space shuttle mission. Sign- This was important because it shock kids all over the world when there toys was in space.
  • Wind launch

    Wind launch
    Wind ( space craft ) is launch from NASA This is important because it is the first of two NASA spacecraft in the Global Geospace Science initiative and part of the ISTP Project.
  • Juno launch

    Juno launch
    NASA launch Juno into a 5 year jorney to jupitar. This is important because we can learn about the infromation of oldest planets in our solar system!
  • nuSTAR launch

    nuSTAR launch
    NuSTAR was launch by NASA on march 16, 2012. This is important because we now can discover of what's going on in space like blach holes, map supernova explosions, and study the most extreme active galaxies.
  • curiosity on mars

    curiosity on mars
    Curiosity is a robot that will land on mars in august 2012. This is important because we can know the weather and the environment of mars and we know the life on Mars.