Matthew Henson's journey to the North Pole

Timeline created by sheraldherberts
  • The save

    The save
    Matt got over the lead but he fell in.The eskimo named Ootah pulled him out Ootah had saved his life.
  • They set sail.

    They set sail.
    The Roosevelt leaves New,York heading to Cape Sheridan.
  • Training

    The Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan.Matt began training the new men to dog drive,igloo building and survival
  • Heading to the Pole

    Heading to the Pole
    The expidition was done training and ready to go with their supplies. Each man took one very special possession and Matt's was his Bible.
  • Walking

    Borup and Bartlett left Cape Columbia to walk the trail.
  • The command

    The command
    Matt peary and the eskimos lined up single file and headed to the North Pole and waited for peary to give the command
  • The finding of Bartlett

    The finding of Bartlett
    Henson and Peary found Bartlett at the Big Lead and the lead was very fearful looking and wide
  • Matt was shocked to see the Crimpson Sphere.

    Matt was shocked to see the Crimpson Sphere.
    Matt saw the Crimpson Sphere while he was waiting beside the Big Lead.
  • The Big Lead

    The Big Lead
    It was 45*f and the big lead was frozen over.The men had to hurry across.
  • Another Man Gone.

    Another Man Gone.
    At 86*38 Marvin went back to the ship Marvin and Henson both shook hands.
  • The Bartlett Ulimination.

    The Bartlett Ulimination.
    But Bartlett had to go back it was his turn.He wanted to continue the journey.But he knew that Henson was the one.
  • The Amazment to the Men

    The Amazment to the Men
    At noon they checked their latitude....And... they were at the top of the world at the ......NORTH POLE!!!!
  • The catch

    The catch
    Bartlett set out by himself Again. But Peary and Henson Finally caught up.
  • Luck

    At Oyster Bay,New York President Theodore Roosevelt came on board to wish peary luck